Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Daily Prompt: Now you see me

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower? Tell us a story.

“Who are you? No don’t tell me, another one of those guys from WordPress.”

“How did you guess Mrs. Angloswiss?”

“Fairly obvious, when you walk around in a WordPress t-shirt. I could not imagine anyone else has one. I have been waiting for mine for a few years. What about a prompt: The day I received my WordPress t-shirt.”

“We are working on it. No, todays prompt is a gift from the organisation, you get a superpower and can appear and disappear at will.”

cleaning the kitchen

“Well that’s just fine, couldn’t be better. I was just preparing to clean the kitchen, already put everything on the table, so I suggested you can begin to clean while I disappear.”

“That’s not quite the idea. We thought you could use this power to see things you could not otherwise see and make experiences in life that you will never forget.”

“I did all this on 3rd December 2013, remember?”

“I know we repeat our prompts now and again, but that is for the newbies.”

“I am not a newbie, I am 69 years old so let’s make the most of it. The cleaning cloths are next to the sink, there is a ladder to reach the high places and use my special biological cleaning liquid. It shouldn’t take more than half an hour. I do it regularly every week.”


“No buts, it is now time for me to disappear at will. I won’t be far, just sitting in the living room reading a book or playing with my iPad. I might even be writing today’s daily prompt, starring WordPress Mr. Cleaner, but don’t disappear whilst you are doing the work. It is my day to disappear. And don’t forget to clean the floors when you are finished.”

“All you have to do is swallow this liquid and you are invisible.”

“I am not swallowing any liquids, especially those from wordPress. I might turn into a grid and we all know what happens then. I will be just another brick in the wall. I will be invisible enough in the living room. Rest assured I will not interrupt whilst you are working and no resting on the job making cups of tea and eating biscuits. You can do all that when you get back to your office.”

“But I will get my t-shirt dirty.”

“You only have one t-shirt?”

“I have to pay for them if they get dirty.”

“OK, I will lend you an apron.”

“But it is an apron with a slogan from one of our rival organisations.”

“And? At least they sent me an apron. I am still waiting for my WordPress t-shirt.”

An hour later.

“Mrs. Angloswiss I am finished.”

“Ok, let’s have a look. There are some stains on the chrome steel surface next to the sink. Polish them away and there is some dust on the top ledge next to the door.”

“At once Mrs. Angloswiss. How’s that.”

“It will do, and don’t forget, the next time you repeat this prompt let me know before hand so that I can organise the bathroom for you.”

“Yes Mrs. Angloswiss, goodbye and have a nice day.”

I quite enjoyed that prompt, they should do them more often and look, he has forgotten his WordPress t-shirt. He must have take it off when he put the apron on. I hope it is size XXL.


  1. I would need a lot more info before trying out their new 'superpower'. Is this ability to appear and disappear at will instantaneous, or does one become invisible and then reappear when one decides to? Is it only localised or can you disappear in one location and appear in another, like a teleport? Does it apply to time, too, or only space? Come on Wordpress, be more specific!!

    1. Funny someone wrote something very similar on one of the other contributions to this prompt. I usually clean the kitchen on Wednesday afternoon and so I had everything ready on the table so that I could clean the surfaces and the idea came to me for the prompt. Took a quick photo with my iPhone. Actually I take more photos with the phone lately for the blogs as I can upload them quicker having a direct app to Flickr. Otherwise I use my digi cameras.