Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Ear Worm

Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.


“Mrs. Human, I don’t have worms in my ears, so take that camera away from my ear.”

“But I thought it would suit the theme we have today for your feline prompt.”

“Your feline prompt Mrs. Human, it was your idea.”

“I though you liked being the centre of feline attention with your own blog.”

“I don’t object, but taking photos of my ear is not the idea. Where will it all stop? Who knows what you will think of next time.”

“But you have very nice ears Tabby.”

“Of course I do, I clean them at least ten times a day. I have very special ears, I even have fur growing in my ears. They say that is a sign of great intelligence.”

“So do you have any quotes or lyrics for the prompt that have been sticking with you this week?”

“Things don’t stick with me Mrs. Human, although just a minute a quote comes to my brain from one of the more intelligent members of the human race, Cleveland Amory,  because he understood the problems we are confronted with - “As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human kind.”

“I never noticed you had enormous patience.”

“Mrs. Human, as a mere human you tend to wear out my patience from time to time. So enough wasted time, I can see this conversation is exhausting you. Make yourself useful and open a tin of tuna fish with your opposable thumbs.”

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