Friday, 23 October 2015

Topic Generator: Precious Detail

The modem

It may not look very precious, but for me it is the difference between online life and death.

“I was just thinking” I said to Mr. Swiss, wanting to impress with my ability to actually take a part in active life “If you were not here for some reason and the modem stops working, I still do not know what I would actually have to do.”

“It quite easy. the lights would not be showing correctly.”


The modem

“Just press the black button on the side to switch it off, wait a while and then press it again to switch it on and the light will begin to react.” He then started talking about a world sign etc. etc. and showed me the black button - can you see it, yes  of course - I was lost.

“I am not very good at this technical stuff, better at learning by doing. I will take a photo.”

So I got my handy iPhone camera ready and whilst Mr. Swiss poised with the modem suspended in the air I shot my memorable photos of the precious details I needed. I can now study them and learn it properly. I am now waiting for the chance to show my newly found knowledge.

Today we received a parcel in the post. It contained a new and different modem, fun. Next week we will have the big switch on for a new provider and this is naturally combined with new modem as well as router. It looks like I will have to take new photos when it is working. I often wonder how a golden oldie without a Mr. Swiss manages with all this new stuff. 


  1. My internet provider has just told me that their super-fast fibre-optic service is now available in my area. I am pondering if I really need a ten-times boost in my connection's not like I take part in online gaming, and as for watching movies.....I use the blu-ray player to stream Netflix, which works perfectly well at the current connection speed.

    1. The super fast fibre stuff is also available here, but not in our village. They are still thinking about it - just down the road in Solothur they have it. Since working on my Apple everything is much quicker for me, but ai would still like to have the new system. I don't really watch movies now. Mr. Swiss can upload them if he wants one (no questions how) and I prefer to read a book.