Monday, 5 October 2015

Topic Generator: Lively Pogramme

Migros, Langendorf

I have a lively programme daily, especially in the morning. I leap out of bed and make a crash landing on the floor. For that reason I have cut out the leaping and now sit on the bed and do a body check to see what limbs are or are not working. I then retrieve my computer that has been sleeping through the night, wake him up and take him to the breakfast table.

“But be careful with the milk this morning. Your hand tends to shake so early in the morning and I get drips between my keys.”

“Oh shut up computer, we are now going on a journey together.”

“Drink the tea when you are finished. I don’t like tea stains on my body, Otherwise I will stop the “o” an “i” working again.”

Computers are never satisfied are they? After jogging through my blogs, mails, Facebook and whatever, I pause and do a Crap cleaning session (sorry, but that is the name of the programme). I then empty my browser, otherwise he starts coughing up programmes I no longer need, and it is now time for the next part of the programme which leaves me with a super clean shiny apartment. Now for the physical exercise, we go to the supermarket.

Luckily there is an escalator to transport me to the top floor where the hunting trophies are. At the moment our local super market has a special promotion known as “Suisse Mania” although I am not sure what it actually includes. A special arch has been constructed in vivid colours waiting for its victims. Perhaps I will be confronted with a lookalike William Tell. I might have to have an apple balanced on my head and after he takes a shot I can keep the apple if he does not pierce it with his bolt: otherwise did I see am ambulance on the parking lot for the injured? It is all in the name of a publicity drive. The mystery is solved when I have completed my hunting trip and the lady at the cash desk asks if I would like some “Swiss mania” cards pr miniature trophies for my album. As I do not have an album, I decline. Although it seems you can collect miniature models of famous Swiss monuments as well as photos. I have always wanted a plastic model of one of our famous supermarkets on my bedside table.

The real action occurs in the supermarket itself. My first brain exhausting trial takes place at the cold meat counter. Shall it be salami, ham, pork roast or perhaps some tongue. Oh the problems to be solved, although why not take it all, just 50 grammes of each. No, that would be too much. The ham looks quite good. Life is full of decisions.

“What did you say Mr. Swiss, the cheese is running low.”

And so we transfer to the cheese section. Again there is a refrigerator full of offerings from not only Switzerland, but other countries. It is quite international all over Europe. This excursion is becoming quite a stress, but I settle for a French cheese and one of our own, from Bern.

It is then that Mr. Swiss produces some written notes. This is all to do with logistic. You cannot embark on supermarket invasion without taking a shopping list, you might forget something and it could lead to a discussion about who forgot it. On the way to the cash desk we passed the cake fridge containing an appetising and attractive selection of creamy chocolate covered cakes in various colours and flavours. Who could resist? We settled for a white creamy meringue creation and I was then deserted by Mr. Swiss who had an important duty in the electric department. Left on my own to complete the financial details of this lively programme I searched for the shortest queue. Unfortunately although it was the shortest, it was the most complicated due to the customers probably collecting their Swiss Mania equipment, but I survived.

Another death defying shopping trip was behind me and after loading our trophies in the car we arrived home tired, but happy and then…… I had to cook dinner.


  1. Perhaps the 'Swiss Mania' promotion is giving away keys to a gold deposit box in one of those famous banks?

    1. I must see if they have a suggestion box somewhere. Up to now it is only plastic models of the houses of parliament etc.