Monday, 12 October 2015

Topic Generator: Excited Version

I want a new watch. I cannot really say I need a new watch, but I have been living from Swatch for the past couple of years.

New Swatch

Swatch do not last forever and the one in the photo has already broken the third strap. I then remembered by faithful Jordi ethnic Swiss watch that were made in the various designs of the Swiss Kantons. It was a Christmas present from Mr. Swiss many years ago and had the design for Kanton Schwyz.  I found it in its original box, and it was still working. I made the necessary adjustments to the hands and date and decided to wear it again, it is nostalgic, a blast from my watch past.

watch 006

Another member of my watch collection is this special example I bought on a flight from London to Zürich. I saw it in the catalogue, the price was right - another Swatch watch, and I liked the idea of having a strap with all the Swiss Kanton shields. I noticed on my return flight 3 weeks ago, that this watch was no longer in the catalogue. 

Swatch Watch

Now I am prepared to invest in something good, a new excited version of something completely different.  Not exactly gold, special premium Swiss make, just something to tell the time with and so, being an online cyber golden oldie with a new iPhone 6s I have decided, yes, I would like an Apple watch. I even have a built in app on my iPhone for the connection, everything ready for the big switch on. Some may think I am crazy, have more money than sense, but I have decided to treat myself to this luxury.

I have been studying the apple web sites and have already found the watch I would like. They now have something called OS2 which is an update on the original watch with 18 hours battery life, but it says everywhere that the Apple watch is currently still being delivered in the original version and a simple upload brings your watch to the newest OS2 standard.

Unfortunately I am not Mrs. Apple and although I am quite computer literate, I do not see that when I invest my money in this new toy I have to do the work myself when I get it so I am still thinking about it. I can easily order this electronic masterpiece online, but I would like to see it first of all and so I began searching for an Apple store. 

I discovered that Zürich has one, which is an hour by train from where I live. There is also one in Geneva, which is two hours by train, and they all speak French there in any case.  It also seems that the sales people in these shops are not exactly famous for being helpful or polite, but they look good in their blue t-shirts.

There is no rush, so I have decided to wait a few months and see how it develops. Of course, if anyone here has any experience with this new and wonderful  toy, I would glad to hear of your experiences.

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  1. Nice collection of watches!! I like all three of them. I don't really know much about the i-watch or whatever Apple calls them. I've never been much of a watch person. The one I have currently was a Christmas gift from Joanne a couple of years ago, but prior to getting it I hadn't owned a watch for about ten years!!