Monday, 12 October 2015

Daily Prompt: Express Yourself

Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?

Oh look, another one of those prompts where I can show off and tell everyone how good I am at everything. Not really everything. Only now I was creatively taking a photo of something Mr.Swiss found in the garden today. It was really a unique piece of photography and some unknown person, or couple, were expressing themselves in the dark hours. Suddenly Mr. Swiss said someone has already marked it as a favourite on your online photo page. I quickly marked it private to hide it from the general public, although the packaging material was also there, just in front of my frog. And now I wonder what happens in my garden when we are sleeping and who leaves such evidence.

Things you find in the garde

I am not narrow minded. There were no children around so late at night, but my 13 year old feline was taking a walk. She was completely confused this morning, wondering why our automatic outside light was switching on and off during the night. My garden frog was shocked. Some people seem to have a twisted sense of humour, or perhaps it was so dark they could not find the garbage can. They were probably just expressing themselves.

Otherwise I don’t dance, my bones will no longer move to the rhythm. I write, although is this is a method of expressing myself I am not sure. I try to keep it decent, unless someone throws things into my garden in the middle of the night. I am quite good at sculpturing cakes, blogs, and can iron the linen perfectly, in time to music in the background. Debating is no big problem, although I am not so sure if it is a debate. Yes, it is, although somewhat one-sided.

I just had a look at what I wrote on 5th April, 2014 and discovered that I am repeating myself, except for the findings in the garden. I decided this will now be one of my short blogs, as I really have nothing more to say which is quite a rare occurrence for me.


  1. I cannot make out what it is in the photo, in front of the frog, although going by your description I think my guess would be a correct one!!

    1. I thought it was the lid of a yogurt pot, but it was too small. I had to be very careful with this blog and the photo. The things that you find in the garden, and opposite is another appartment house I was wondering from which balcony it was thrown into the garden?????