Saturday, 17 October 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Ready for your feline close-up

Cast the movie of your life.


“Is that all you can manage for my pin-up photo Mrs. Human?”

“But Tabby, it is the real you.”

“It might be the real me, but Mangy Spielberg will not choose me for his new feline horror movie. I would be playing the leading lady, Morticia Tabby and Gary Paws Catman would be my leading man. With a weak photo like that I stand no chance. Where are my sharpened corner teeth. You cannot see them as they cover my lower lips. I look like a softie and not a vampire feline to be feared.”

“But there might be kittens watching the film and they would have catmares afterwards.”

“Of course they would, it is all part of growing up. Wait until you see the scene where Gary Paws Catman sinks his teeth into my neck. The cat nip flows in torrents and then we go together on our rampage of the pet’s cemetery.”

“Tabby stop sharpening your paws on my teak table, there are now scratches everywhere.”

“It is the best quality wood here for giving a realistic scratch on my victims.”

“Are you sure that this film is suitable. It sounds quite frightening.”

“Of course it is frightening. How else am I to maintain my territorial rights. I will be respected by all the felines in the neighbourhood and they will be queuing for my paw print. I might even be in the short list for a Tiddles.”

“A Tiddles?”

“Mrs. Human that is the ultimate achievement for a feline film star. Something like an Oscar, but made of real mouse fur and stuffed with catnip.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Where are you going?”

“To watch the TV. They are showing one of my favourite movies, “Cat People””

“That is rubbish, how can a human turn into a feline. it is not genuine.”

“And your film is genuine.”

“You have never met Gary Paws Catman. They only use genuine blood in his catpire films.”


  1. Thanks for the laugh Pat. Have a great new week.

    1. You too, and remember do not let your feline interview you.

  2. She might be interested in the remake of 'Poultrygeist'....about the spooky goings on in a hen-house :-)