Thursday, 10 September 2015

Daily Prompt: Worlds Colliding

Take two main characters from two different books (either fiction or nonfiction) and introduce them to, or have them meet, each other. What would happen next?


“Mr. Dracula I presume.”

“Yes, but how did you know my name. I usually like to surprise people at midnight.*

“I deduced it of course, by the fangs protruding and covering part of your lower lip, the black cloak and the blood stains on your white shirt. You should really wear a clean white shirt daily. By the way may I introduce myself. Sherlock Holmes.”

“Oh, I see, but I do wear a clean white shirt daily. One of the hazards of my profession probably. Of course you are Mr. Holmes, your fame has even extended to parts of Transylvannia. I read “The Case of the Toothless Werewolf”, a very sad story. The peasants in a neighbouring village asked for protection from a Werewolf that had been biting some of the young men in the village. There were no more farm labourers to do the work, they had all turned into werewolves. I was watching the situation with joy, seeing that my followers were being increased and then one of the village chieftains, I believe it was Winnetou, the brave, had the idea to engage your good self.”

“Yes I remember the case well Mr. Dracula, although this Winnetou person was rather annoying. He had the habit of calling me “Old Shatterhand” instead of Mr. Holmes.  Of course I was under obligation to preserve the existence of the wolves, without harm to their species, and consulted my assistant, Dr. Watson. Although a doctor, he was trained originally as a veterinarian and so knew how to discourage the wolves from transforming humans into werewolves.”

“I believe it was a very interesting course of action he took.”

“Oh yes, he fed the wolves with oreos, M & M’s, and other such sweet delights. I believe the complete Mars range of candies was involved. He gave them Coca Cola to drink and the case was solved to perfection. The Werewolves lost their teeth due to decay.”

“Which was not such a good solution for the Werewolves.”

“But you realise the end of the story Mr. Dracula?”

“I must admit I was so saddened by the toothless werewolves, that I could not bring it over me to finish the story.”

“You should have read on. Dr. Watson and I are both animal lovers and Dr. Frankenstein obliged by developing a method of enabling new human friendly teeth to grow in the Werewolves’ mouth that would recede when the wolf would bite into human flesh.”

“Oh, I see. A genial idea Mr. Holmes, but I believe the Folks tale did not foresee that Werewolves could not draw blood.”

“Now, now Mr. Dracula, you must admit that it was a good solution for all.”

“That we now meet at last Mr. Holmes, perhaps you could assist in a problem I have. It seems I tend to have a negative effect on the ladies. When I attempt to caress their necks with my teeth, they scream and faint.”

“Yes, Mr. Dracula, but you must admit that the shape of two overlong fangs aiming for the jugular vein is not exactly inviting, although I would perhaps have a solution.”

“Yes, tell me, my dear Sherlock, I would be forever grateful.”

“What sort of tooth paste do you use? and the size of the tooth brush is also important. Perhaps you have bad breath, if I dare to say.”

“Do you think that Dr. Frankenstein would have an appropriate instrument in his laboratory.”

“I am not sure, but in this case I would contact Dr. Hannibal Lecter, he is a specialist on dealing with the characteristics of the human body. Just mention my name when you call him, but do not mention you are undead.”

“Do your think that might be a problem?”

“My dear Dracula, he is always endeavouring to improve his abilities, and the digestion of human blood would be a solution to many of his problems. He is a constant sufferer of indigestion.”

“Thank you so much Mr. Holmes, I must give him a bite, sorry a call of course.”


  1. You managed to fit in several well-known characters there!!