Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Daily Prompt: These Horns were made for tooting

Today, share something you love about yourself  — don’t be shy, be confident! — but that few other people know about you or get to see very often.

On the bank of the River Aar

Yes, here I am, still standing as a tree alone on a hill. Otherwise, I do not really do me. It as nothing to do with being unconfident, I can be overconfident sometimes, but there you see why I find this not really my prompt. Up to now I have used the word “I” five times since beginning to write this prompt, and have only written one sentence.

So let’s leave the confessional and of course I love myself now and again: who doesn’t. Especially if I manage to go for a walk without falling down. I can even speak more than one language, although that is a must, not really a talent. If you are living in a country surrounded by Swiss German you have to join them otherwise it could be a fairly isolated life. You get used to saying “Merci” instead of thank you and “En Guete” before eating a meal with others, although I usually only say that when in company. At home we just dig in like everyone else does, but this is not the idea.

I have to share something that few people know about me. After writing blogs for the past 5 years, I do not really think there is very much left to say. If I commit a crime you will all be the first to know. I try to avoid doing I, me and myself. If you want to know the sordid truth, just make notes after you read a blog and learn it all by heart. I am generally a peace loving person. and even delete remarks in my blogs that disturb others. We cannot have a revolution here, now can we? At least I have enough revolutions in real life.

Oh and I love potato chips, especially when watching TV in the evening. I know I should not eat them, due to my problems with diabetes, but it is the forbidden things in life that make the most pleasure. Just to clarify things: chip is the American word for the english form “crisps” it seems. You know those wafer thin sliced potatoes fried in oil and flavoured with salt. They usually arrive in big plastic bags. To continue,  there I am sitting in front of the TV set, not really watching anything as I have my Kindle and am usually reading a book. That I love horror stories and mystery is not a secret here. And then I have a fancy for something a little salty, 

“Are there any chips around?”

A harmless question answered with “Of course. We bought another packet today in the supermarket.”

I struggle from my chair (another secret that I am no longer so good at standing up after sitting) and drag myself to the kitchen. I remove the packet of chips from the cupboard and make myself comfortable again in the chair. Mr. Swiss is still watching the TV. Over the years he has become accustomed to my evening excursions to the kitchen. Now I have to be very careful, after all we do not want broken chips strewn over the floor do we? They do tend to make a mess when crushed by foot. With years of pratice it is very easy too organise it all. Laying in a semi horizontal armchair (we have those chairs that you can adapt to an almost horizontal position) I balance the crisp bag on my legs, place the Kindle at the top edge of the chip bag and resume reading, now and again plunging my hand into the bag for a potato chip. I usually eat the natural flavour, although I quite like paprika. Paprika can cause problems with the indigestion I discovered.

And now I have confessed to my inner secret, yes, I am a potato chip eater.

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