Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Moved to feline tears

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.


“What’s tears Tabby?”

“Something that humans have now and again. Don’t bother about it Fluffy, it is a chemical process that forces water out of the eyes when you are moved and don’t ask what being moved is. In the philosophical sense, it does not exist in meow. It only exists when we change sleeping places, then we move.”

“Oh, I see, no I don’t see, but if it doesn’t exist in meow, then it can’t be important. I see you have another studio photo on our blog.”

“That is one of my beautiful photos. You can see how the ray of sunlight was captured on my left ear, giving me a touch of beauty. Not to mention the perfect symmetry of my whiskers. I suppose if we were human we might be moved to tears, but as it does not exist in meow, let’s just forget it.”

“I think Mrs. Human was moved to tears this afternoon when you had a fur ball moment on the floor.”

“That is something different Fluffy. I think humans call the first impression “shock” and the second impression is when she is moved to finding something to clean it away with. Yes she was moved to tears, but I have a feeling they are the human tears of misunderstanding.”

“She misunderstood you?”

“No, she just misunderstands the psychology of a feline fur ball.”

“But I saw no fur in the ball Tabby.”

“I know it was one of those negative fur ball moments. It was furless.”

“I have them as well now and again.”

“Of course you do Fluffy, it belongs to being feline.”

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