Saturday, 13 June 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Hear no Feline Evil

Tell us about a conversation you couldn’t help but overhear and wish you hadn’t.


“Who were you talking to Tabby?”

“Just a grasshopper that I met.”

“Oh, that was interesting, where is he?”

“I ate him.”

“I thought you was talking to him.”

“That was just a trick to lull him into calm. You cannot pounce and eat a grasshopper when they are alert, otherwise they hop away.”

“Of course. I overheard a conversation between Butch the feline over the road and Roschti, the ginger tom.”

“Anything interesting?”

“ I am still working it out. Butch said “hisss” and Roschti answered with “Hisss”.

“What happen next?”

“I heard Roschti howl and Butch screech.”

“That was an interesting talk. Yes we felines have many possiblities of expression.”


“Is that you Tabby?”

“Shhh, i am concentrating, there is a fly sitting on a blade of grass and I am hypnotising him in the philosophy of Confucius Cat.”

“Did he have something wise to say?”

“I think so, I am now eating the fly. Corfucius Cat said “When it is obvious that the feline goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the feline goals, just adjust the action steps.”

“And so?”

“I adjusted the action steps and pounced with open claws.”

“Open claws?”

“Yes, there was no air pressure and the fly was surprised and had no warning.”

“How clever, yes, Confucius Cat had the answer to everything.”

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