Friday, 12 June 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Ingredients

What’s the one item in your food  you can’t possibly eat without? A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup, instant ramen — what’s your magic ingredient, and why?

Tabby eating

“Tabby, do we have a magic ingredient in our food?”

“Yes, of course we do, it is called tuna fish, liver, bird, mouse, chicken and mainly anything that fits in the category of meat.”

“But that is more than one ingredient.”

“Since when can we felines count - that is a human thing. Why make a feline life more complicated than it is. Do you count the vitamin filled pellets you eat when Mrs. Human serves that second class food choice.”

“No, not really, I just make sure there is enough water to wash it down with. I could never understand that food. Birds fly and mice walk, even chickens move on their own, but I have never seen a vitamin filled pellet move. I am convinced it is not organic.”

“Quite right Fluffy, and we felines have a delicate digestive system, but Mrs. Human is convinced that vitamin filled pellets are the essence of a feline meal.”

“Do you think it is because she can just fill the dish without any work involved?”

“Definitely Fluffy, of course, you know how lazy these humans are. I mean if she would garnish the dish with a sprig of parsley or even a pinch of tarragon, but no. Just fill the dish and put it on the floor. No style.”

“We could perhaps make a list of the ingredients we would like in our dish.”

“Not only the ingredients, but the organic values. Just emptying a can of tuna fish into the bowl is not really the essence of a feline master chef taste. She should buy a real fish, cook it, take out the bones and mince it to assist our sensitive digestive system.”

“Even better would be when she would build a pool in the garden and fill it with tuna fish.”

“Dream on Fluffy, she would have all sorts of excuses that the tuna fish would be too big and she would have to get planning permission.”

“Tabby, let’s go. I can hear the tin operner.”

“Yes, Fluffy, I am with you. We will discuss these culinary details later after the meal and our digestive sleep.”

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