Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Daily Feline Cause: Felines with a Cause

If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?

Cat ornament on grave

“I know Tabby, like free tuna fish for all felines.”

“Since when do we pay for the tuna fish. We buy it online with our pawpads and use Mrs. Human’s paw card.”

“Oh yes, I forgot. What about a cause for wingless birds.”

“Fluffy, all birds have wings, although they do not all fly.”

“Great, then we will support the cause for the birds that do not fly.”

“Do you really want our territory to be overpopulated with ostrich.?”


“Yes they are big birds that run on two legs and would probably crush you with one foot if you were in the way.”

“I have never seen one of them.”

“I saw them on my pawpad. They live in a zoo where our giant brothers and sisters live. They come from another place.”

“We have giant brothers a sisters?”

“Yes, the are called lions and tigers.”

“Perhaps we could adopt a lion. That’s it our cause. Adopt a lion/tiger.”

“I don’t think so, they also have a cause.”

“What’s that?”

“If it moves, is smaller that you and has meat on its bones, then kill it and and feed it to the cubs. If there is anything left, eat it yourself.”

“You mean”

“Yes Fluffy, we would not be safe.”

“It’s a dangerous world out there Tabby, too many causes. I think I will stay with the tuna fish online orders. They also have a cause sometimes where they offer two tins for the price of one.”


  1. Getting a tiger could be a CAT-astrophe!!

    1. Having cats is sometimes a CAT-astrophe