Monday, 18 May 2015

Daily Prompt: To sleep, perchance to dream

Sleep is one-third of our lives: write a post about it. Do you love naps? Have trouble falling alseep? Wish you could remember your dreams? Remember something especially vivid? Snuggle under a blanket, or throw the windows wide open? Meditate on sleep.

Sunrise over Feldbrunnen

It is not vey often you get a sun rise from me, if at all, because that this the time when I perchance to dream. Someone somewhere wants to know a lot of secret things about my sleeping life. I also want to know a lot of things about things like was there a second daylight saving time in the States. Did I miss something? My daily prompt arrived today an hour earlier with the good old “0 Responses” title”, not that I am someone to complain. I searched through Google with the words “Daylight Saving Time in America” but found only two dates March  8 and November 1. As we now have 18th March, I realised this was not the case. We all have our problems from time to time.

I had a problem today actually, and it was all to do with sleep. Yesterday evening i ate something that did not encourage my normal sleep pattern. It disagreed with my recycling system to the extent that I collapsed into bed after taking some sort of tablet remedy. I drifted into the land of dreams to awake around two in the morning and I was convinced that a stone was lodged in my internal organ. My potato chip orgy had returned with a vengence.

Of course I love naps, they are the fulfilment of my staying awake time, especially after lunch, but this was two hours after midnight. I did not have trouble falling asleep. I had slept but the demon indigestion returned. There were no dreams, but I was longing for an indigestion tablet to disperse the feeling having a balloon being blown up in my body. “Just ignore it, it might go away” was my thought. I suppose it did go away in the early morning hours, when the sunrise resembled my one in a million photos.

I could have snuggled under a blanket, but in Summer I do not have a blanket. Throwing the windows wide open was not a choice. I was not alone with my elusive sleep and did not want to cause trouble, so I turned again. I was convinced that a sleep laying on the right side would be the solution. The balloon just shifted its place to the left, and so I moved to the left as gravity was pulling in this direction. The same result occurred when I moved to the left, the balloon pulled me towards the right.  I realised that where I twisted and turned I would still be reminded of an innocent packet of potato chips. At some time I fell asleep and the balloon deflated itself.

It was time for meditation, slipping into the plans for the next day. There was a quest for food in the local super market to be dealt with and a few cleaning operations at home. I dragged myself out of bed, still feeling swindled of a night’s sleep and stumbled through the apartment trailing a vacuum cleaner behind me.

Of course I arrived at the supermarket, still cursing the potato chips. I eventually arrived home, cooked lunch and made the statement that after lunch there would be no tea or chocolate for me, just a teeth cleaning session and a golden olden after lunch sleep. I was kaput, on my knees and it is a mystery now how I drove the car home without falling asleep at the steering wheel.

I find no trace of this daily prompt in my archives, so it must be a first time one or a fluke. I searched the reader, but it seems there were dormant entries from the last time. I am now finished with today’s prompt. Time to sleep over what I have written without a packet a potato chips.


  1. I'm a night-owl. For most of my life I've gone to bed around 2am and then get up at 7am. This is usually all the sleep I need. However, I(semi-regularly) have bouts of either broken sleep or total insomnia where even those five hours aren't achieved. I've gone through a bout of broken sleep recently and now find myself struggling to stay awake during the day. This is unfortunate as I am still going through complex training for the new work our centre are taking on, and dozing through it is not really conducive to learning new systems!!

    1. I did my short sleep nights when younger, but now I enjoy a regular sleep plus an hour or so after dinner. Yes, we golden oldies treasure our sleep. We even switch the telephone off, the ipads, and the mobile phones when we have a midday sleep.

  2. Well I hope you feel better after a nap. I'm a night owl and can usually cope as long as I have 6 hours sleep. I don't often dream and usually sleep through unless I'm stressed. Then I'll often wake and it's hard to get back to sleep. I found that talking books usually send me back to sleep. Trouble is I keep having to listen to chapters over and over again because I never get to hear the end!

    1. I have never had a talking book, it would not interest me I think. I enjoy my Kindle books, although have been known to fall asleep whilst reading. The signal to go to bed. I sleep 8 hours, but with a pause in between.