Thursday, 21 May 2015

Daily Prompt: Linger


Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

I linger daily on the daily prompts, but I long for the event to end so that I can do something completely different and new. In the meanwhile……


I lingered in my front garden last week and discovered that my iris was again showing its flowers. I was delighted with this opportunity to linger with the camera. It was 17 years ago when we moved to our ground floor apartment, complete with two gardens which were covered in grass. I think it was grass, although it was not a happy grass, especially when the clover slowly thought about taking over and so in my pre golden oldie action years, when I could still move my limbs, I decided to turn this garden into an example of the Royal Chelsea Horticultural Show. One of my first purchases were a few tubers of Iris. As time passed, the iris were moved a few times and eventually decided to settle in the middle of a border and so they grew, and grew and grew. As you can see my original four flowers have multiplied, become fruitful and expanded. I love plants that appear regularly. They give less work and are more considerate on the ageing joints and above all they linger.

I have now lingered enough on my iris plant, so will move on to another aspect of my lingering. I like to linger in bed, especially after lunch. After a cup of tea and some Swiss chocolate I make my way to the bedroom and the linger sojourn continues for a couple of hours. Unfortunately this blissful lingering session was disturbed today as it is Thursday and I clean the shower on Thursday. After lingering in the shower - no enough lingering, that was work making my tiles shine again by removing the traces of limescale -  I am now writing another prize winning suspicious prompt.

I am convinced this prompt was designed for golden oldies who linger everywhere. Go to the supermarket. You cannot move quickly to hunt down the various food items, there are always groups of golden oldies talking about their complaints and the price of food and causing an obstruction on the lingering shopping paths. Yes, lingering seems to have become their hobby. 

Of course I wish I could linger forever, especially when I take a walk with my camera. Cameras are built for lingering, you cannot pull them away from the subject they have trapped in their lens.

“Mrs. Angloswiss wait a minute, I want to take a nice closeup of that spider. Perhaps you could sink onto your knees so that I can capture all the details.”

“No camera, if I sink I will have problems putting myself again in an upright position again. You will have to be content with a aerial view.”

“But all our photos are aerial views. If you would only kneel and hold me tight and steady, we would at last win the Pulitzer prize together. You just have to twiddle the lens to get a nice sharp close picture.”

“No, definitely not. I am not going to accept our deserved prize from a gurney, which will be the result if I bend to eye level view.”

These cameras really think they know it all. 

And no, I do not have a death wish to linger forever. That time will come one day and then I will not have a choice, will I? I will not be able to make a decision about an event or day ending, it will be the eternal lingering days. You might see me appearing on your computer screen, a little faint, almost transparent, but i will be there. I will linger in your bytes, on your prompts, perhaps even in your files. An invisible hand will guide yours over the keyboard. That might be a time when I wish I could linger forever. I could even curl up on the top of the terminal and watch your movements. These prompts do get silly now and again. I think I will now linger with my iPad and read a book.


  1. I often linger over my photographic subjects, particularly flowers, so that I can get good macro shots. At the moment I can still manage to get back to the upright position, but it seems to get a little more difficult with each passing year.

    1. I don't even bother. If I really want a lower shot, I pull up a chair if in the garden. When I have No. 2 son's wedding behind me I will definitely get around to getting a macro lens.

  2. Oh to be young again. I cannot kneel for any length of time. Makes gardening difficult but I persevere. The irises are pretty.

    1. We now have a gardner now and again. Signs of getting older.