Sunday, 17 May 2015

Daily Prompt: It's not my party


You’re throwing a party — for you! Tell us all about the food, drink, events, and party favours you’ll have for your event of a lifetime. Use any theme you like — it’s *your* party!


It’s party time, so let’s get in the mood and upload a few flowers. Oh, you don’t have flowers at a party, more a funeral. Well, who cares, I do not feel like a party in any case. I spent a refreshing golden oldie sleep after dinner and am now relaxed and absorbing the sun on the patio. Someone is ringing the door bell.

“Hello Fred and Joan, I wasn’t expecting you today.”

“We saw that there is a party at your place. Are we the first?”

“The first? Looks like it but ……”

“No problem, what are we celebrating? Oh it doesn’t matter (ha, ha, ha) parties are parties. I wouldn’t close the door, look its George and Brenda. That’s a nice party dress you are wearing Brenda.”

“Just an old thing I threw on. It all took me by surprise. Hi Angloswiss, what a lovely idea, a party out of nowhere. Where’s the food.”

“Food, yes well I can perhaps rustle a few things up. Do you like cheese?”

“You mean those cheese tasters on sticks? Of course, especially if they are mixed with pineapple pieces.”

This was getting rather uncomfortable but luckily I had a tin of pineapple that was selling in a special offer at the supermarket. The date has expired, but I will keep that to myself. I opened the tin and scraped off the strange green layer from the pineapple. I mixed the pineapple with sugar as it smelt a bit funny. The cheese also had blue streaks, but perhaps it was gorgonzola, although I thought it was a nice piece of Cheddar. I suppose it was a year ago.”

There was another ring at the door and in came Wordy William Blog with his wife Pressy. They were all dressed up in the latest t-shirt design with the words on the front “I am a blogger, hug me”. They tumbled through the door and took a seat next to the computer.

“Hi Angloswiss, hows the blogging sensations. As soon as we got the message that today you were throwing a party we knew you would want us here as well.”

“Yes, errr, no problem. Just make yourself at home.”

“No music, its very quiet here for a party. Wordy load up some synthetic stuff on the computer, I am sure it will raise the spirit. Oh, talking of spirits we will help ourselves. Is that a bottle of one of those energy drinks. I am sure that will do.”

“I am afraid I do not have a lot in drinks, have a glass.”

Should I tell them they were left over from great uncle Sebastian’s funeral  five years ago. No, let’s not spoilt the surprise party.

“After all today is something special, it’s your birthday.”

“No it isn’t actually, that is in six months time.”

“You must have a reason for celebrating.”

“I suppose I do, although it seems that someone else wanted me to celebrate.  But that is not important, nice to see you here.” 

“Don’t shut the door Anglo, there are still some people waiting outside. How lovely that you invited us all.”

I didn’t tell them I invited no-one, everyone seemed to be in a  such a good mood and who am I to spoil the blog/party.

“Anglo, where’s the loo? It is quite urgent” and Shirley disappeared for the next half hour. My loo seemed to become quite popular as there was quite a queue waiting for entry. Was it the pineapple or was it the energy drink, although the cheese did have a strong smell.”

After an hour of happy go lucky partying things quietened down and no-one seemed to have the energy to be merry, even my snacks were no longer eaten. I was not sorry, I hate parties, especially when they are forced on me. 

There was another knock on the door. This time it was a slow solid knock. I opened the door. There was a man standing there dressed in black. His face was covered by the shadows of his hood from the cloak he was wearing and he was holding a sort of long agricultural instrument. I loved his t-shirt. It was the only white thing about him, although the black lettering “Grim party goer” was a good contrast.”

“Were you invited?” I asked.

“No problem, I am usually not invited. I just arrive when I get the feeling in my bones.”

Funny the effect things can have when Nick arrives in a fancy dress. He was always the death and soul of the party. Perhaps it was the white finger bones that did it. My uninvited guests crawled away as fast as they could, still feeling the effects from my party food. I was alone and left to clean up the mess. That’s what happens when those unwanted repeats turn up on your blogging site after a a period of 13 months. They die an unpleasant death.


  1. Note to self: If you get a party invite from Pat.....invent an excuse to stay at home!!! LOL.

    1. I do not like parties, so don't worry. I do tend to put people off. Actually I was letting out my annoyance at a stupid prompt that we received only last year in April and now we have it for the second time, so I did something completely different.

  2. Love your take on the repeated prompt! lol