Friday, 29 May 2015

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited - No Forget it, I went for a walk

Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?

Oooh No, if I have done this prompt once, I have done it 10 times, so let’s leave it to the newbies to tell us all about their childhoods. I would just add that next Monday my son No. 2 is getting married (for the first time). It will be the first wedding in the family so I will ask him in twenty years to perhaps write this prompt and let’s see what he has to say. In the meanwhile I rest my case, I have other things to do.


In the meanwhile the weather has brightened up in our country and it seems that the monsoon season has passed onto somewhere else (India?). T-shirts with short sleeves, and perhaps even sleeveless are now sufficient and even the sweat pours from my brow as I cut my path through nature, using my machete. The grass is high and all sorts of different flowers are now showing.The grass is being mowed down or the cows have been turned into the fields to eat what they can find.

“Makes a change from that dry hay stuff” Bluebell told me as she was munching away in the field. 

Even the milk now tastes different, but I didn’t tell her. She never did forgive the humans for drinking the milk actually reserved for her babies.

I saw that the opium harvest is progressing. Yes, the poppies are showing their luminous flowers in the gardens and the local population will be looking forward to a nice opium harvest in Autumn. “What did you say” it is not allowed, it would be dealing?. I naturally meant this in a figurative sense of the word, we Swiss have enough to do with laundering our money. No, of course not. The poppy heads are dried and used for decoration. In the meanwhile the flowers in the gardens can be admired and photographed. I think I might plant some poppies myself this year, although I first of all have to harvest my hemp plants which take up quite a lot of space when they grow tall and strong. Yes, there is nothing like having your own herbs in the garden.

Horse in Feldbrunnen

I noticed a new horse in the meadow that I had never seen before. Mr. Swiss told me it was a stallion. What a clever man he is, for me it was just a horse. Even the horse was participating in devouring the grass. Yes it is a combined effort in the Swiss countryside, all the animals and doing their best to help the farmer keep the meadows tidy.

It also seems that the Swiss Alps are creeping closer. I, of course, took a few pictures of these Alps, you never know if they might disappear some time. Most of them are already hollow, being used by the Swiss army as storage places for ammunition and tanks etc. If Switzerland is attacked by the others (for example Liechtenstein) we have places to hide. After all the mountains are there for something. It was only a few years ago when the Swiss army were having a practice to see if their weapons were still in working order and by mistake set fire to a few fields over the Swiss border in Liechtenstein, so who knows they might be working out a plan of revenge.

Anyhow here is my prize suspicious photo of the Swiss Alps taken on my walk from a field somewhere in the state of Solothurn. As the crow flies they would be about 150-200 Kilometers away, not counting climbing up and down.

Bernese Alps from Feldbrunnen

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  1. Lovely photos, Pat!! The Alps look magnificent even from that distance. I did laugh at the mental image of Lichtenstein trying to invade :-))