Sunday, 31 May 2015

Daily Prompt: 180 Degrees

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

I am now too much of a golden oldie to do anything at 180, I am glad to be able to walk without tripping over a leaf or a blade of grass. You see things from a different perspective when you approach the years that begin with a 7, just one more to go. Everything harbours a danger somehow. I even now take photos of grass, just to be sure of the dangers that it might harbour.

Wild grass

You see this grass has seeds, might even be a wheat kind, but these seeds can be very dangerous. Imagine if you unexpectedly trip over a seed laying on the ground. You can break an arm or a leg, and breakages in golden oldies no longer heal by themselves. You have to have it all screwed together. Basically 180° would be a straight line, so if you reverse it you still have a straight line. I have a strange feeling this prompt is leading nowhere, so I think I will do something completely different. 

It was two days ago when I ventured on my last walk which luckily remained at its 180° degree path, although now and again my straight walk had a slight bend in it. Anyhow Mr. Swiss was walking merrily along, he being a distance ahead which is normal and I saw them just waiting for a photo. They were smiling, waving their tails and flashing their sexy eyelids.


“Where are you going” said Mr. Swiss.

“Just want to take a few photos of those cows.”

“Ok, but be careful where you tread.” I think he was shaking his head a little as I branched off onto a narrow path leading to the field where the cows were waiting for their photo shoot, although he is gradually getting used to the fact that I might take another route on our walks. The cows were so excited when they realised that they would be featured on one of my prize winning daily prompts.

I managed to get them all positioned for the take and decided to join Mr. Swiss again. There was a small problem, Mr. Swiss had disappeared. He had walked on and left me alone with 20 cows. I was already reading the lines in the local newspaper “English tourist assassinated by 20 cows after taking a 180° turn. Photographic evidence available” and beneath the report the view of a cow spitting out some human teeth.  Suddenly I saw him resting on a ledge, patiently waiting for me to join him. He walked on, me following at 180° until we found the next bench where we both sat down to recover for a few minutes. 

I decided that this 180° walk was becoming exhausting, the sun beating down and my knees feeling the pressure from the rest of the body. I was still rubbing the teeth marks on my arm from the cows.  So we entered the home stretch, which was a 180° straight line downhill to home. Eventually we arrived safely. I stumbled onto a chair and decided these walks were not always as healthy as they were supposed to be. 

I met a horse again, another stalllion. Now I know how to tell the difference. This one was busy munching away at some grass. I told him to change his position a little to oblige with a full view of the local Castle Waldegg in the background, which he did, although he was a little annoyed.

“Do you want to take my photo, or the castle?” he asked and stamped one of his four hooves and obligingly turned at a 180° angle.

I noticed he had very pretty blue socks on his legs, probably dressed especially for the photo. So without further ado, here it is.



  1. Loving your photos again!! I particularly like the one of the grass, the kind of macro I like to take.

    1. And I still do not have a proper macro lens. I decided when i have all this wedding stuff behind me I will do the necessary.