Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Polite Company:

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?

Canoe shelter

It is never a good idea to blog about such topics either or to discuss religion or politics with people you know or do not know. I am basically a friendly type, avoid misunderstandings where I can. I would say that does it for me. In my beginning days of daily prompt I wrote about all of this and told everyone about it. Today I cannot be bothered. I want to write, need inspiration but inspiration is not something that WordPress is interested in.

Every time we take a walk along the local river I see this canoe in a special little house, protected from the weather. The canoe is always there, I have never seen it on the river. It is a neglected canoe. Perhaps the owner was inspired to paddle his own canoe on the river, but after his first paddle, it turned over in the water and the owner was taken to hospital after he almost drowned. Now the canoe is neglected, and no-one knows what will happen to the lonely canoe.

It might be that the owner prefers to go for a paddle in the evening or during the morning, which are not times when I walk along the river, so I miss it all. It is a nice canoe, very clean, and really looks as if it has never touched water. Perhaps it is just there to show people that you can paddle canoes on the river if you want to.

“What do you think, Mr. Swiss, shall we get a canoe?”

“What for?”

“We can take a trip on the river.”

“With you? You cannot swim.”

“I want to paddle not swim.”

“Yes but knowing your luck, you will lose your balance and fall in. Let’s forget it.”

and that is why Mr. Swiss and Mrs. Angloswiss have no canoe. Perhaps the owner of this canoe also has a wife that loses her balance in the most stupid places. Actually it seems that even normal basic conversation can sometimes be precarious. Do not discuss with your partner about getting a canoe.

A strange thing happened this week. I was minding my own business (no discussions) and taking a walk with my camera as there were some interesting trees showing their Spring uniform with nice flowers. It was then I saw a pole buried in the ground with a pair of dark blue or black underpants hanging onto the tip, or were they bathing trunks? In any case it was outside the border to my land, so I decided none of my business. 

Today I was relaxing on my golden oldie midday sleep and heard a conversation in the distance. When I arose Mr. Swiss reported the famous words of the neighbouring tribe. “Mr. Swiss, are they yours?”

Mr. Swiss was perplex as he does not normally throw his underwear or bathing trunks in the neighbouring garden. Of course he remained cool and said they were not his property, but probably were blown from a neighbouring balcony. The underwear in question had been hanging on this pole for a few days it seems, looking for an owner. Now the lady next door has removed them. She said she might write a notice and hang it somewhere, probably hoping that the owner claims his garment.

We have a new neighbour and he bravely mowed his lawn today. Unfortunately he also mowed away half the wild field growing between the gardens. This field is only allowed to be mowed away in the middle of June to ensure that the natural flowers can seed and grow again. Unfortunately no-one told this new neighbour that he should not mow the grass in between. Perhaps a political mowing discussion will arise. 

And so another day passes peacefully somewhere in a remote village in Switzerland where the hedgehogs and cows say good night to each other, although I can see another small dispute on the horizon.


  1. Politics and religion? Two subjects I never discuss....with anyone!!

    That canoe certainly looks cared for. If it was not used, even standing under cover, it would start to accumulate dirty/moss/algae.

    The 'Mystery Of The Underwear'. Sounds like a story waiting to be written!!

    1. I think the canoe probably is used from time to time, but it is always there when I take a walk in the area. I think I will leave the fingers from the underwear story, too many people involved.

  2. I imagine your poor neighbour will feel very embarrassed about his mowing mistake. I hope the underwear don't belong to him too! ;) I steer clear of religion and politics too.

    1. We are of the opnion that the underwear floated down from a top balcony where there are three men living. I don't think the neighbour knows it and I will not tell him. I don't have religion and Switzerland is neutral in any case.