Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Photos and Stories behind them - The Secret Places in Bern, capital city of Switzerland

Brewery in restaurant, Bear Pit, Berm

They used to have a bear pit in Bern. They still have a Bear Pit in Bern, but it is no longer a pit but a Bear Park on the banks of the River Aar. The bears complained that it was no longer the thing to do to put them in a pit. The bear is the symbol of Bern, and they felt they deserved something better. I have not visited the bear park, but when I do I promise there will be some photos. 

However, I visited the old bear pit, which no longer has bears. It is empty, but not useless. A brewery has now replaced the bears. The brewing machines are all behind glass for everyone to see.

I then moved on, feeling a natural desire after seeing so much beer being produced and visited the ladies toilet. It was very clean and modern and I found an interesting poster on the wall, of which I took a photo.

Poster seen in toilet, Bear Pit, Bern

In the middle it says “On Sunday a toilet is more than simply a toilet”. Top left it tells us that the saying “money does not stink” originates from the Roman Emperor Vespasian who introduced the first toilet taxes. It then tells us that Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho was almost censored completely, not because of the murders, but because of the scene with a toilet.

It goes on to tell us that in Japan toilet seats are usually heated and a human spends on average three years of his life on a toilet (perhaps more if we take the iPad or a book with us). On the New York marathon it seems that if you have a human need, you might set up a record on distance “pissing”. Sorry for the expression, but I cannot translate everything. Pope Julius is the patron saint of toilet cleaners and Barbara Streisland was a toilet cleaner before she became famous. Last of all it seems that the amount of bacteria on an office desk is 400 times more than that on a toilet seat.

Yes the things those Bernese investigate.

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