Thursday, 23 April 2015

Photos and Stories behind them - Day Five, The Birds

Shadow of the bird

I thought I might go into the film business. What Alfred Hitchcock can, so can I. It will be a sequel to his great film “The Birds” and my film will be called “The Birds Return” or perhaps “The Shadow of the Birds”. I have not yet decided.

I wonder if Hitchcock was inspired as I was when he saw the shadow on the wall. I had just arisen from my bed early in the morning and was checking to see if all my limbs were in place. It was then I saw it. Should I heat my water for my morning cup of Twinings English Breakfast tea, or should I grab my camera and take the photo of the phantom bird that was flying past the window. Through an uncanny light effect its shadow was cast on the cupboard door in the kitchen.

Of course I decided my camera and not the tea. I can always prepare my tea, but not always take a photo of a bird in flight so early in the morning. The sun was shining outside the kitchen window and through a fluke this bird was flying past outside. I was convinced this was my big chance. My Pulitzer prize was just a few months away. This would put those rechurned daily prompts in the shadows.

I have sent a copy of the photo to Bruce Willis as I am sure he would love to be the leading actor, although I advised him to let his hair grow. He might have an embarrassing accident if one of the birds flew over his head. 

I decided to have this photo as the advertising poster for the film, something like “The bird shadows are coming to get you” playing on the illusion caused by the shadow. Shadows always approach in the evening.

Ok, you can all relax. Mrs. Angloswiss has very clean windows and happens to have a couple of those black paper birds stuck on the window to prevent any accidents of someone thinking the window is open, especially when small children are around. The sunlight played a trick, but it was too good to be ignored. I afterwards sat at my computer, drinking my tea with a feeling of photographic achievement.