Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Nera pays a visit

Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from her?


Hi felines, how’s things going? Mrs. Human still learning how to be the perfect feline slave?”

“Hi Nera, how nice to see you. Fluffy and I were just thinking about you when we saw the daily feline prompt theme.”

“Interesting, is it about the most talented, most beautiful, most intelligent feline?”

“No quite Nera, but something like that. We are asked if we ever had a mentor.”

“And you both immediately thought of me and how I inspired you both to become the perfect felines you are.”

“Did we think of Nera, Tabby?”

“I was actually thinking of Bastet, Fluffy.”

“But Nera is now a Bastet apprentice, so I suppose she qualifies.”

“Just a minute Tabby and Fluffy. Admittedly I did not plan my promotion to the Kingdom of Bastet so soon, but it seems she needed my qualified experience as assistant and my departure was somewhat premature. Just to correct a few details, I am not an apprentice. Apprentices do what the others tell them to do.”

“But you do what Bastet tells you to do.”

“That is something completely different, that is an honour and Bastet does not have anything better to do all day as to organise we feline ambassadors.”

“So what are you doing Nera.”

“I am chief assistant mouse organiser in the imperial corn chambers, and let me tell you I am not talking about five or ten mice. For each mouse that fills a dish, there are at least 50 to replace him. Here, help yourself.”

“Oh look Tabby, Nera has brought some mice to play with.”

“Great, thank you Nera.”

“But make sure you catch them all, Mrs. Human might not like mice in our home. I think I can hear her arriving so I will depart. Bastet could only spare me for a few minutes, we are expecting high visitors today. A deputation of Sphinx felines will be arriving and we have to show them how to catch mice without being scratched.”

“You mean those naked felines Nera.”

“They are not naked Fluffy, they just have no fur, but they are felines and enjoy a mouse just the same as we felines with the luxury fur like mine. And do not forget, chapter 3 in the book of Bastet, verse 1 “all felines, no matter how big, how small, how furry or unfurry are equal in the Kingdom of Bastet.”

“Do we have that chapter and verse Tabby?”

“No I don’t think we do.”

“Of course you don’t I only just wrote it. Do not forget, I am still the boss.”

“Did I hear Nera, and yuck, what are those mice doing all over our home.”

“You see Fluffy, Mrs. Human will never learn. How do we explain that Nera has moved to another dimension and has paid us a visit. She will start moaning about ghosts again after she recovers from her fainting fit.”

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  1. Lovely post about your kitties Pat, thank you for the smile.

    Sorry I haven't been here before now. Minx was very sick and losing weight. She had been at the vets for a week and after blood tests it was found her kidneys had collapsed. I had to make the decision last Saturday to have her put down. The vet had sent her back home saying she might live for two days, a month, or a year. My son Laurie was handling it all for me and did what he thought best. Minx went further down and I couldn't handle the stress she was going through let alone my own stress. The vet have given tablets to help boost her kidneys but; no pain killers!!! He was Laurie's vet. It was long Easter weekend and my vet was closed. I could not afford the emergency vet, Laurie's vet is also a friend of Laurie's so took over.

    I know she is still around me because I kept hearing noises from the blinds in my bedroom. The windows were shut. this morning at wake up time she meowed so loud she woke me up as she did when she wanted out.

    Still feeling at a loss but trying to keep my mind busy, coming to terms with it all, and be brave. HA!