Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: 32 Feline Fur Balls

Mouse, bird or something else entirely?

Hay for the horses

“As I said Fluffy, laced with catnip and a pinch of tarragpn”

“We had that one already this week Tabby.”

“I know but those Daily feline prompt people are always repeating stuff, and so can I.”

“Come to think of it Tabby, we don’t have many flavours in our feline life. Just meat and not even that in 32 flavours.”

“That is because our digestive system is unique. It is not constructed to digest anything that humans digest, thank goodness. Imagine having to plan a meal with vegetable and other accompaniments.”

“What’s vegetable Tabby?”

“Exactly, there you have it. Even horses have no choice, they have dried grass known as hay.”

“But we eat grass as well Tabby.”

“Of course we do, but Mrs. Human is not very happy about it.”

“Why not?”

“Fluffy you are so curious to know everything sometimes and every self-respecting feline knows why we eat grass.”

“To annoy the humans?”

“That as well, but you should really do a reread of chapter 15, verse 201 in the book of Bastet.”

“Just a minute, must paw my way through. Yes, I see it. It says all felines should eat a portion of fresh grass in the summer months, especially after a washing session. But I still don’t get it.”

“Fluffy what happens when you have  a washing session?”

“We are clean and refreshed and ready for a sleep.”

“Yes, Fluffy, but why are you clean?”

“Because I remove the unwanted microbes and loose fur?”

“Yes and then Bastet goes on to say in verse 202. A self respecting feline should be prepared to produce fur balls after a washing session to clean the internal digestive system.”

“Ah, yes. Mrs. Human is not keen on fur balls. She has no understanding for our cleaning processes and gets all excited when we begin to pull our muscles together and make the accompanying fur ball removing sounds. She moans when she has to clean the fur balls away afterwards. No understanding for us felines, these humans.”

“Yes exactly Fluffy, no understanding, as if humans with their 32 flavours are something better. At least our digestive system only contains fur held together with - well what it needs to hold it together. Are humans something better? They have a big human tray that they flood with water and we just cough it up.”

“Funny animals humans, how do they managed without fur balls?”

“Perhaps because they don’t have fur?”

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