Wednesday, 18 February 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Undoingness

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

Tabby eating tuna fish

“Nice action photo Tabby, a real appetising “eat” photo.”

“Yes Fluffy, one of those good days where we got our tuna fish dish, but there was a problem.”

“A problem?”

“Yes, How often do we felines want a dish of tuna fish. We gaze at Mrs. Human with pleading eyes pointing in the direction of the cupboard where the supplies are kept and she ignores us. It is so degrading to have to wait until this brain dead human realises that we have a command to be fulfilled.”

“I know the feeling Tabby, tell me about it. We must find a solution to this anti-feline state of affairs.”

“It is obvious Fluffy. We must uninvent the tin opener. I will have to have a word with Nera. Perhaps she can put in a suggestion in the world of Bastet where she now floats. It is all because of the tin opener. Have you ever seen such an instrument? It is completely against the logics of a paw. Not even with four paws does it work.”

“A very good point Tabby. These humans are so full of themselves putting men on the moon, but they are not capable of making a paw friendly tin opener, or even abolishing tins and inventing something more feline friendly.”

“A very good point Fluffy. I think they could perhaps put the tuna in plastic bags. We could then just tear them apart and Mrs. Human would be spared the work of opening the tins. Just a minute, give me your pawpad I have an idea. Do you have that paw friendly plastic card we ordered from Visapaw?”

“Of course, it is very good, Just place it on the screen and it is done.”

“Look, here is a good site Fluffy. Buy your tuna in the tank. Not only the enjoyment of eating the tuna, but the fun of the hunt. Two live tuna fish delivered in their own tank. We are glad to be at your service, Hong’s live fish Emporium.”

“Yes Tabby, that is ideal. No more tins, no more tin openers.”

2 weeks later

“Felines, I had a special deliver today from Hong Kong by United Paw Service of two live tuna fish in a tank. Could you explain please?”

“Tabby you explain.”

“No Fluffy, you explain.”

“Mrs. Human, just put the tank in our food corner. We will deal with the rest and think, no more breaking your wonderful painted fingernails with a tin opener. The fish arrives fresh and ready to catch.”


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  1. Crafty little monsters I must say.

    Ooooh yick, Minx just caught a skink and ate it still wriggling. Have a great day Pat.