Thursday, 12 February 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Nickel

Dig through your fur and see what you find.

Nera the Cat having a wash

“I am constantly having a dig though my fur.”

“So am I Tabby, surprising what you find sometimes.”

“Yes that’s true. Only yesterday I felt that something was causing a disturbance.”

“Tabby, I really do not want to know your fur life details.”

“Ok Mrs. Human, stay cool, we felines just live with it. I remember when my departed sister Nera used to have a fur clean, all sorts things would appear. Once there was a …….”

“No, Tabby, please. I do not want to know the internal life of feline fur. I remember very well when Nera lost a few of her passengers.”

“So do we Mrs. Human. There would be a big red mark on the floor where you accidentally trod on one of the passengers that had been having a meal.”

“Fluffy, you mean tics. Oh yes, I have had them, but they do not stay so long. It is the ants that like to pay a visit in summer. That is when I have a scratch now and again and they fall out.”

“I know Tabby, I have that problem as well. Mr. Human once pulled a tic out of my fur. He was not very happy about that, neither was I.”

“Fluffy, Tabby, please talk about something else. The internal life of your fur does not interest me.”

“Of course it does Mrs. Human, we remember when you got all excited because you found two dried up snails in Nera’s fur. You were not very happy.”

“I was not, that’s true, Nera seemed to be a taxi service for everything that crept in the garden.”

“Not to mention a few of those wiry seed pods, but she knew how to get rid of it. A good scratch and it was dispersed.+

“Yes, felines, all over the place and I had to clear it up afterwards.”

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