Saturday, 31 January 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: Playlist of the Week - Definitely not

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.

First of all “Down with the Grid”, I am fed up with this amateur grid stuff. Some are convinced it is an improvement, I am convinced that the previous system was better. However I would like to say that the new navigation system at the top lefhand corner is an improvement in my eyes, not wanteing to be labelled as a complainer or lamenting.  

My opinion of this prompt has not changed since 10th March 2013 when it first appeared. I wrote “I am not going to post youTube videos here, you will not listen to them, and if you want to see videos, you can choose them yourself. To be quite honest, if you choose to post videos about your week, I will not look at them either, just the titles. Sorry, but I do not have the time.” 

I remember the last time where I actually invested time and energy in writing something. This time I am not doing it. If WordPress want to churn out old useless prompts for the newbies, that is OK with me, but last time I was a newbie and was not impressed. I hear some of you saying she should bring her own suggestion instead of complaining. Perhaps you are right, but I see it differently. My days as a working woman are over. I no longer feel that I have to earn the money for others and so I leave it to the professionals to bring us a rewarding, interesting prompt to get our brains working. Daily I spend time thinking about what to write and not just doing a copy paste of something in Internet, it is not my style. So rant over, and now to something completely different. 

Back Garden in early morning snow

This was my back garden this morning, before breakfast or any other such normal early morning chores. By lunchtime the snow on the trees had disappeared. It is now late afternoon and the snow has returned, falling in large flakes and covering everything.

“If this continues, we will have two meters by tomorrow” said Mr. Swiss.

“Have we ever had two meters?” I answered.

“Just figuratively speaking” he found.

I do not think he is far from the truth. We live in Switzerland and what would the country be without snow. No skiing, no sledging? The mountains must be there for something, not to mention the profits made in the sleepy mountain villages, and so let there be snow. I do not really like it, but I must say it is pretty to look at. Yesterday on our shopping trip to the supermarket we drove through something resembling a blizzard, but Mr. Swiss assured me it was just ice rain that was falling.

“Is that dangerous?”

“It is slippery on the road.”

was his cool answer, although I do not think he felt so cool. Luckily we were arriving at the parking lot. 

So, how was my week? Nothing different to any other week. I got my housework done and No 2 son paid us a visit, or was that the week before last? The boiler man came, but I already wrote about that, and I still had the same aches and pains as last week. So did Mr. Swiss. We are just two copycats.

Today I am sorry to say that WordPress seems to have killed any inspiration for writing a Pulitzer prize winning blog. I called Wordy but they told me he was not available as he was on a course of “how to revive old prompts”, or “let’s do it again”. I suggested he attended a course on “How to write new intelligent, invigorating and different prompts” and the secretary told me she would pass on the message if he survived this week’s course.

As you have perhaps noticed I am not inspired. I am exhausted after rescuing 5 things from my burning house where luckily all persons and animals survived. I even had the opportunity to tell you all about the things that were lost in the fire, although due to my bravery I even rescued those - see it on my “Blogs of the week” list. Have fun everyone and let us look forward to a new innovative prompt tomorrow - Tell us about all the crimes and murders you committed this week, or “How was your midnight visit at the graveyard - did you survive?”

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  1. The prompt just seems to be avoiding any actual blog-writing. Just post songs? More appropriate to Facebook than Wordpress or Blogger. They really don't seem to be able to come up with anything original.