Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: Oasis again

A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

Rüttenen - Solothurn

Look everyone, I am on my way to my oasis. Are you reading me WordPress, can you see the light at the end of the road, where the arrows are pointing, telling me to tell us all about it. I did tell everyone about it almost two years ago. I did a reread to see if I had been new born in the meanwhile. Two years ago I eventually landed in my bed, after telling everyone how I got there. I still enjoy my bed, so why should I talk about it again. It would be boring and the last blog about my oasis was not one of my most distinguished.

In the meanwhile I have grown up, shaken the old daily prompts out of my hair and turned to new daily prompts. Unfortunately due to lack of imagination or otherwise, there are no new daily prompts, just the old coughed up remnants of what used to be. So where do I go from here? A good question, this morning I again visited the local supermarket, although we had a small problem.

I was going to do a Lone Ranger journey, just me, myself and the car as Mr. Swiss had a reoccurring sight problem. It was dismal weather, looking as if the end of the world was nigh, but the news reassured me that this was not so. There might be some sun in the afternoon. I was not happy about doing it all on my own, especially as I realised the bag of feline vitamin pellets was almost empty and I was compelled to visit the pet shop. Finding the way to the supermarket was one thing, my car knew the way, all I had to do was give a little gas and steer a little, but the pet shop? Now that is a problem. The last time I went there was almost as long as the pre-daily prompt days (that is a new method of time reckoning - before the daily prompt and after the daily prompt) and I had to work out the route, although we do have a navigation system in the car, but I have not yet discovered how it works.

Actually I am not 100% fit at the moment, still having the remains of a cold. I was still sneezing now and again and today my head resembled the mist in the photo which I took on the way home. 

Amidst my doubts and worry Mr. Swiss said he would now accompany me on this quest. Was I happy? Yes and no, there are advantages having someone sitting next to you and also disadvantages him being of the other species and knowing the way. We took off, me on the wheel and he giving the instructions where to go. His instructions involved names of garages and roundabouts where I am more used to descriptions of the landscape like a big tree, or perhaps a restaurant or a little shop.

After nearly taking the wrong turn and eventually finding which road  to take we actually arrived at the pet shop. I bought the necessary and realised that keeping my felines on a diet of vitamin enriched pellets is not cheap. For a Five kilo bag, which now lasts about three months I paid sixty Swiss Francs. I must admit in the days when our Nera was still with us I would have to pay twice as much for a ten kilo bag and it was still eaten within three months, but Nera liked her food. She was a large feline that swayed when she walked having quite a weight to carry.

Eventually we left this outpost of cat nourishment and made our way to the local supermarket, me still at the wheel. I had medicine to collect at the chemists, which was in a neighbouring area to the supermarket and Mr. Swiss continued giving instructions how to get there. We arrived but there were no free parking spaces. Again Mr. Swiss to the rescue. He told me to enter the drugstore or whatever for my medicine and he would wait in the car until there was a space. I fetched my medicine and we drove across the road to the parking lot of the supermarket. It seemed he could now see better. After completing the shopping ordeal we drove home, Mr. Swiss at the wheel. He discovered it was safer. I was glad as I could now take a few photos on the way home to my oasis.

And tell me WordPress, are you enjoying your time in your oasis, where you can just switch on the automatic daily prompt regurgitation machinery without having to pay someone to do the job? Just wondering.


  1. My 'oasis' is my living front of the TV & blu-ray player, where I can escape temporarily into the world of movies.

  2. My Oasis would be my bedroom in the afternoons when the sun is shining through my window I go in lie crossed my king size bed as I can lay sideways and stretch all the way out I lie there and look out the window through the very sheer curtains and look to the outside world, it feels so so comforting I love looking out windows as I am lying down
    there's something about the Sun warming me as I liE there makes me feel as if I am wrapped in love from the heavens above