Friday, 9 January 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: In Good Faith 2

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.

Me Migros Shopping

I had an encounter with a young man in the supermarket car park this morning, so I gave my usual cheerful smile. He did suggest I should take a selfie, but my talent for selfies is not yet developed to the extent that I would take the risk. As I was pushing the week-end food supplies at the time I decided if this young man really found that I was the answer to his dreams, he should take the photo himself. This young man helped me fill the car (yes it was Mr. Swiss who is eight years older than I am) and when we arrived home he began to upload photos onto a stick.

“I think the last photo is the best” he said.

“Huh, I thought you only took one.”

“No there are a few.”

Actually he made a remark about my new hairstyle. I reminded him that is is not new, but the old one that went forth and grew. I should really pay a visit to the hairdresser, but due to the praise received for the new me, I have decided to wait a few weeks. As I only remember posing for one photo, which was the last, I decided I could risk a reproduction here. As you can see my face is beaming with contentment after the shopping triumph. We were both glad to have it behind us.

I am afraid there is no good faith today. I was too busy with this and that. I wrote two years ago about how faithful I am, or not, and that will suffice. I have been confronted with so many religions and ways of life that I decided to give it up a long time ago. I did have my kids christened as I thought they might be disappointed when they grew older and discovered that something was missing. No. 2 son was disappointed when he phoned the british embassy in Switzerland to ask about a Swiss passport, being told that it was too late. I must had done something wrong. He is more patriotic that I am. Luckily he still has his christening certificate.

So now we have yet another week-end before us, which does not have the same meaning when you are a golden oldie. In the years gone bye it was two days of freedom to do what you want and when you want. Today I have to remind myself that it is Saturday and Sunday. Speaking of Sundays we return to the faith, unless you are another religion, where it might be Friday or Saturday. We are reminded of Sunday where I live by numerous church bells that chime in the early morning hours, although to be quite honest I no longer really hear them. I am too busy with sleep. We have a five minute programme on Swiss Television on Saturday evening usually hosted by a clergyman somewhere in Switzerland, which I only really see if channel jogging.

I live in a catholic Kanton of Switzerland,  Solothurn, meaning we get all the extra catholic holidays. This was quite useful when I was a working woman having Ascension Day, Corpus Christi, Asuncion day and a few others which probably happened at week-ends. The rest of Switzerland being Swiss reform church had to watch from their workplaces while we took it easy. 

I do not do religion, I lost it many years ago and I do not miss it. Many might think *but you have to believe in something” and my answer is “do I?”. I have tolerance and interest in the history of man and his various expeditions into the religious unknown, that suffices.

At the moment I had a mysterious call from the brothers Apple and Mac. They interrupted my writings by telling me I had some updates on various computer programmes. 

This evening we will be having a cheese fondue for the evening meal. This is a happening a little on the fringes of being Swiss, especially in the colder weather. I have no faith in making it myself,  there is too much that could go wrong. It might curdle and instead of a nice cheese soup you have  clumps of semi melted cheese that sink to the bottom of a bowl of wine and eventually to the bottom of your stomach. They are unsightly and cause a major indigestion problem.

Tomorrow will be another happy go lucky day in the land of WordPress. Actually I like these meeting again experiences in WordPress, they bring back memories of my youth.


  1. I've never had any interest in religion, it really does nothing for me.

    Nice photo!!

  2. How I do like people who are of like mind in regards to religion. Being brought up in a Roman Catholic Convent it was rammed down out throats morning, noon, and night. No wonder I rebelled when I got out of there! Cant's stand politics either. A bunch of nasty kids throwing tantrums, telling lies, and fighting.