Thursday, 8 January 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: I got Skills 2

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

Snow remains Migros Langendorf

Before Christmas, when the skiing season opened, we had no snow. Skiers were confronted with green slopes. When the competition season began with the ski downhill runs and slalom, the art of snow making had to be applied. There were only green slopes covered with grass. Ski cannons were employed to cover the slopes with snow, but only the slopes used for professional skiing competitions. It is expensive to produce the snow. It is fired onto the slopes by forcing water and pressurized air through a ski cannon. I have never seen it in action, only on the TV. I do not ski, have never had skis on my feet and it is generally known that it would be too dangerous for me. Some years ago I accompanied a family to the slopes and they gave me a sledge. Beginners have to start somewhere I suppose. I felt quite happy on my sledge, but after steering the sledge over the skis from a person that was in my way, I decided it was not my thing. At that time my knowledge of Swiss German was luckily not so good, so I did not understand the meaning of all the profanities he uttered. 

The pile of snow on the photo was collected at the local supermarket parking place after the New Year snow attack. Being in Switzerland there is no problem. The Swiss know where to go with the snow masses. Our local authorities have a super solution. A truck arrives, the snow is piled into it and it is driven to the banks of the local river. Yes, it is tipped into the river. What could be better?

My last endeavour to tell everyone all about the skill I needed was “How to ride a bicycle”. I still cannot ride a bicycle proving I was not prompted to learn how to.

I can walk, although with age the ability does not improve. I can drive a car, more or less, although some might say I could do it better if I had the born talent. I can write if I am prompted. I have now discovered how necessary the push and prompt are when writing. The death sentence has now been pronouced, the decree has been issued. RIP Daily Prompt, although they still appear. We cannot kill it, it is still raising its head, but we now have a plausible explanation why. 

I now have a decision to make. Shall I continue with the daily prompt or has the time come when I must wave goodbye with a tear in my eye.

“No Mrs. Angloswiss. You cannot do that. I need you. I would be unemployed if you go. Heed not what the others say. You are the reason for my existence.”

“Hello Wordy, I though you had left me forever and found a new, younger prompter, eager to plough their way through the field of daily prompts telling us all about it.”

“Mrs. Angloswiss, how could you? You are the light at the end of my prompting path, my inspiration and I so love the chocolate cake that you make.” As he uttered these words of praise his eyes were all over the kitchen searching for some chocolate cake crumbs.

“No problem Wordy, look.” And he pounced as I produced todays chocolate cake, fresh from the oven. “I hope you like it, I flavoured it with vanilla and mixed some ground almonds into the mixture.”

“It is delicious Mrs. Angloswiss.”

“Glad to oblige, but I have a solution to the problem. I have decided to carry on, despite the prompt repeats. I always have something to say. I even discovered a page called Events. Unfortunately I found that most of these events were ignored, left to sink into the oblivion of the WordPress dungeons, with very few interested bloggers.”

“Do not give up Mrs. Angloswiss, I need you. How could I feed my family without a regular job.”

“But Wordy I am not your only customer.”

“Mrs. Anglosswiss I was created for your needs. I was programmed for chocolate cake and blogs about Switzerland, the Swiss, and felines.”

“Wordy, you have a family? I thought you were a robot, with circuits, wires and flashing lights.”

“But I have a heart of pure Android. The wife and I have 5 mini androids to feed with knowledge collected from our master, which is you. Please Mrs. Angloswiss carry on the good work and make my family happy. I read the little ones your blogs as a good night story every evening.”

“Ok Wordy, I will continue and stop crying you are making the chocolate cake wet and soggy.”

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  1. Looks like they could make a small (but dirty) ski-slope with the snow left-overs at the supermarket!!!

    1. At the moment it is just slowly melting away