Friday, 2 January 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: Be The Change

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

Senioe residence Weissensteinstr

I am confused. I feel tired, I have caught one of those wonderful head colds that give the impression your head is packed in cotton wool. Ok, no problem, these little infections arrive to test us, to make us strong. To add to this misery my photo programme is not working, so I must be patient, it can only get better.

And now I have arrived. What a wonderful place it looks. Will it be my future habitat when I arrive at the stage where I forget the time, forget the day and forget what I look forward to after my Golden Oldie midday sleep. Yes, it is a local senior residence. I pass this on the road every time when I visit the local supermarket. Perhaps the shape of things to come. I wonder if I should reserve my room already or wait. It is perhaps better, not all rooms might be equipped with computer connections. for my senior blogging world changing blog. Do I really want to change the world? I do not think so, an impossible task. It seems that our blogging platform is showing signs of dementia and lacking in the inspiration of blog.

A blog prompt once arrived at a regular time full of new ideas, full of prompt, full of energy. What virus has installed itself in the realms of our blog hoster? Is it the couldn’t car less syndrome, the “who cares as long as the money arrives” infection? Perhaps when I arrive at my senior home I will be greeted by many familiar names, those that once told us to “tell us about the time when” on a blog prompting page, but they are spent, exhausted, finished with new ideas. They no longer want to change the world, they have forgotten how the blogging world functions. 

I have decided I do not want to change the world with my blog. It is a stupid question and will remain unanswered. I have better things to do with my blogging time. Actually I feel I am being sold for stupid with this blog. It is a cold dreary day with a threat of ice rain. The only positive action is searching for another fresh paper handkerchief and a sneeze now and again, more now than again. Mr. Swiss is alarmed, he might catch my cold. I am also alarmed, as one of us with a head cold is enough, two would be a catastrophe.

“Aaatishoo, Aatishoo” and my head has again been subjected to a tremor, on the earthquake scale of about 7.0, scattering my supply of paper handkerchiefs to the floor and spraying the computer keys with some unknown virus. 

Some of us find that the beginning of the new yea is the beginning in a new world of blog to change the world,. Unfortunately those that are to inspire us have somehow lost the thread. They are tired, every year the same thing and same procedure and I too am tired of these useless stupid repeats which have left me totally without motivation. 

On  lghter note, my photo programme is now functioning and this morning they let me out again for a shopping expedition, I am really out of ideas for this stupid, lazy. monotonous prompt which belongs in the cemetery of unwanted prompts. I think I will read a book, it is more intelligent.

See you all tomorrow if the head cold does not get to me first.

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  1. Sounds like the thing to be changed is the staff at WordPress central.