Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Daily Blog: Things that go bump in the garden

Owl in the garden

The snow is gradually retreating, slowly but surely.


“What was that?” asked a concerned Mr. Swiss-

“We have a monster in the garden. It is rising from the depths and staring at me.”

I was worried, confused and a little scared. Unexplained things are happening lately, since the day when it all stopped. You know what I mean. You get suspicious when things that generally happen daily are no longer happening. I get used to a routine, leaping out of a golden oldie sleep at the beginning of the afternoon and finding things as they always are, but now things are no longer as they always were. Something is missing in the daily life of a blogger. So when things begin to happen, that cannot be explained, you have doubts. 

I noticed yesterday that there was the beginning of a crater in the snow and today it began to shake the snow from its scales and appear. I heard a crunching reminding me of the beginnings of an avalanche.  First there was an ear, and when I dared to look later, I saw an eye, a piercing eye that was glaring at me. Could it be, has it happened, am I being invaded by an unknown species?

“Has anything happened. Can I continue reading my book?” which was the only reaction I received from Mr. Swiss. I could have been attacked with its claws, devoured by its beak, but no there are more important things to be dealt with. Mr. Swiss is reading his book.

I decided to venture to the unknown  It might be a friendly monster.

“Hello”: no answer, just the twittering of birds feeding at the bird house.

“Speak to me, from which planet do you originate? We are friendly people and will not eat you.”

I was engulfed in silence. The monster made no movement, the silence was unbearable. I had to take steps to overcome this threat. I grabbed a shovel in my quivering hands. Luckily Mr. Swiss decided that a new shovel should be bought. He could no longer watch as I fought my way through the fields of snow to replace food in the bird house. I was fighting against the elements to feed the birds. They were whistling frantically “Where are our seeds” they chirped. Mr. Swiss could no longer watch my uncertain steps, slipping and sliding on the snowy surface and so he bought a shovel in the local supermarket to enable me to dig my way.

Mr. Swiss soon realised that me digging my way was not the solution, especially as I tripped and fell with the shovel in my hand causing a disturbance to the feeding birds. Mr. Swiss to the rescue: this morning he shovelled a path through the snow for me and now I have a freeway, a track to follow to the birdhouse, but this shovelling and disturbance of the underground awoke a monster. It crept out of the snow today, staring and glaring and daring. I decided to throw caution to the wind and progressed. I was now standing in front of the monster with the special supermarket shovel in my hand. At this point I saw a few neighbours staring from their window. They did not want to miss the action, this was better than a film with Bruce Willis. I had now met my Armageddon.

I took my courage into my shovel and aimed at the monster. It moved just a little - did I hear a piercing scream? No it was one of the neighbours who had hit her nose on the window. I continued regardless and then I saw it in its full threatening size.

It was my little owl I had placed in the garden in the days of spring when there was sun and fun. It had buried itself in the snow, forgotten and lonely, but was now bravely fighting its way to the surface of the garden throught the snowfield. It was still staring in my direction. Did I see tears of gratitude in it large owl eyes. No of course not, china owl models do not shed tears.

My quest was completed. Mrs. Angloswiss had again succeeded in her fight against repression and cruelty in the world. My owl was saved. It was then that the owl began to flap its wings, it hooted quite loud and flew up over the garden to nestle in the highest branches of a tree in the nearby forest.

Huh! OK, believe it if you want too, but I saw it happen, like the daily prompt arrives every day regularly.

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  1. I bet the owl was wondering what all the hooo-har was about!!!