Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Wordpress Weekly Writing Challenge: Ice, Water, Steam

For this week’s writing challenge, take on the theme of H2O. What does it mean to be the same thing, in different forms?

Action TV reporting on the H2O developments.

First snow birds 27.12.2014

“Good morning Mrs. Bird, could you give me your thoughts about the H2O situation?”

*No, problem. Just a minute while I ruffle my feathers, am I on TV. Yes, H2O, like you mean water, wet, cold or just steamy. Well as a bird I have my preferences. Now look at this stuff laying around at the moment, think it is called snow. It is OK, I don’t mind it really as long as the humans put some food stations up in the garden. It is not so easy to find worms they disappear in the warmer regions of the earth. We have to rely on outside help. This snow just covers everything and I get a cold beak sticking into it searching for a few seeds. Mind you, some of these humans overdo it. I mean we birds like to be fed but I saw a sparrow a few days ago. They are a greedy bunch and he just stuffed himself full of seeds. It started to snow and he feel off his perch on the tree through the weight of the snow, but his own fault. He just got a little overweight. Now I don’t mind a bit of rain, fills up the holes in the ground with some water. Yes, the liquid stuff is fine as far as I am concerned. Even take a bath during the warmer months to freshen up the feathers and get rid of some of the lively stuff that gets in between. We don’t do the steamy stuff. If it becomes hot an steamy we migrate to the river down the road. There is always something to drink, if you know where to find it.”

“Thank you Mrs. Bird, and now I see Tabby cat having a drink of water.”

Tabby having a drink

“Hello Tabby cat, do you have a contribution to our H2O theme?”

“Oh yes, definitely. If you are taking a photo, make sure you include my right paw, that is my water paw. To continue, I must say that they frozen stuff is not my sort of thing, no definitely not, You cannot drink it and walking on it is not very inviting to the paw. We have sensitive paws and it is too cold, not to mention ice, that is a cat skid and does not look very good. Even my friends the birds would agree. Have you ever see a bird land on ice? Not very often, they avoid it when they can. I would also add that we felines do not like water that comes from above, no definitely not, Our fur becomes wet, it is cold, and we begin to smell. Water from below, now that is something completely different. It might lay for a few hours until we discover it, but then yesss. It is as if you discover an old rare wine in your cellar that you forgot. It is to be savoured, much better than that rubbish that humans get from a tap. Of course we do not just gulp it down, no we lap it up gently and might lick it from the paw. Forget the steamy stuff, we are sensitive creatures and that burns our whiskers. 

Reflection in a tap

“Hello Mrs. Angloswiss, what is your opinion of H2O?”

“I drink it, it is healthy. I am careful with water, it is an expensive commodity in my country and I sometime wonder if we have enough. We rely on the rain of course. You notice when it is scarce in Summer and the gardens have brown and parched lawns. Otherwise what is there to say. The water that arrives from the tap is not just water. It is treated to ensure that it contains no impurities. Some might prefer water with gas, but I just like it pure. In its frozen state, ice is fine to cool a drink, but ice on the road or on the pavement - no thank you. I am accident prone and prefer to avoid it. If only the car would be invented that could operate with water, that would be a good development. I believe a steam engine exists, but it is not a sensible solution as the back seat of the car would have to be replaced by the tank. 

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