Tuesday, 23 December 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Secret Santa

You get to choose one gift — no price restrictions — for any person you want. The caveat? You have to give it anonymously. What gift would you give, and to whom?

Table cover

It was not a secret Santa that gave me this beautiful cover for the table, but a very talented person. I unpacked it. It was a surprise. It is handmade, each stitch, each piece of material chosen and assembled with care and I treasure it very much.

You see Santa was invented by someone many years ago for the children. Even I was a believer in my infant days, although on that memorable Christmas Eve I could not sleep and was worried that I might see this mysterious man in my room. Mum always told me not to speak to strange men, but I assumed that Santa was an exception. I did not want to disappoint Santa in the persons of mum and dad when they opened the  bedroom door and deposited the presents on my bed, so I pretended to be in a deep slumber. It was then that the bubble burst, but who cares, main thing was that the gifts had arrived and I could wake mum and dad at a very early hour to show them what this bloke in a red coat brought me in the night. We even had chimneys in our old house originating from Victorian days, although dad had blocked them. I do not think he understood the logic of a visit from Santa Claus as he fought his way through the soot whilst the reindeers waited patiently on the roof. Chimneys became superfluous with the introduction of gas and electric fires.

So me being the original Christmas grinch, I decided to abolish presents last year. You buy me this and I buy you that, let us be logical. Go and buy it yourself. You get what you want and it will fit and look good whatever it is. Ok, I can get sentimental and buy good health, wealth and happiness for those who really need it. I could perhaps turn our world leaders into perfect examples of satisfied humans, wearing t-shirts with the old fashioned “Ban-the-Bomb” sign on them. Unfortunately they are old fashioned, something in my generation where we all went on marches and sung our hippie songs and no longer fit into modern times. Today the bombs are bigger, better, and a lovely little threat to mankind, so I do not think I will go on this shopping expedition with no price restrictions. You might not live to enjoy the gift.

Let us not despair, there is an ounce of hope and goodwill in my anti-Christmas present brain. No matter what it would cost, I would give the gift of creating perfect pingbacks  included in the best functioning grid system for our blogging site creators and this not for just a day or a week, but forever. We would arrive at our web site daily and the dreaded “0 responses” would be gone, dead forever. Instead we would be confronted with a super functioning grid system, every contribution in its rightful place and not only the lucky ones. If I could, this is the gift I would give to us all. We all have our private wars to fight, our own problems to solve, but this small gesture from me would make blogging life so much easier. I would wrap it in a WordPress t-shirt, the one I never got because they did not have my size. 

Donating this anoymously might be a little difficult. I have a reputation in this cyberworld and would have to enter with my password and name to arrive. 

Today was my last shopping excursion before Christmas. Now we have it all and if not, then too bad. We had to remove the fennel from the fridge again (see yesterday’s blog), due to cramped space, but this time I have it in a bowl on the table, intending to roast it with the evening meal.

So let us now go and wrap our presents, if we have any. Mr. Swiss and I have each other and that is enough.

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  1. I do the Secret Santa each year at work. I have drawn the same person out of the hat three years running!!

    1. We did it once when I was a cook in the children's nursery. There were 12 of us and it was quite fun. The presents would be hidden in the strangest places, but we found them.