Monday, 29 December 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: All Grown Up No. 2

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

Grow up Daily Prompt, we are not stupid so please do not insult our intelligence. I did this one on 5th March 2013 and am not doing it again, or am I supposed to re-upload it as if it is something dynamic and new. Get lost, so here is my new version of what really happened.

Feldschlossen Brewery

Somewhere in a lonely valley, cut off from the real world, there was an enterprise, a corporation, built from the people for the people. It had shareholders, directors and above all workers. The corporation was successful, the work was clean. There was no question of having enough money, all the good people working in the corporation had money. Advertising was discovered and although this company was far away from the realities of real life, it had discovered advertising. For a few hundred dollars, you could have your own little place reserved in this company with your slogans and telling the world how good you were. You see, this company specialised in hardware and software, they were the stars of the cyberworld, but funds were still needed. 

Apart from the people that actually worked for the company, there were customers. Some bought into the company, others made do with what was on offer, but they had to bear with the advertisements which were interrupting their efforts. Ah, the company, yes it was a very modern company: a free and open source tool and a content management system (CMS) based on MySQL. In plain language it meant write a blog with us. If you do not know what to write we will help with our daily suggestions. Not only were the people working for this company happy, but the people that were blogging daily were happy. They had a purpose in their lives. They became creative.

And the company grew and grew and grew. There were new developments and the people that owned the company clapped. The people working for the company were working more and it came to pass that Christmas arrived.

“We want a Christmas holiday” said the people working for the company.

“Let them have their holiday” said the management.

“Who will do the work?” asked the administrators. 

Discontentment raised its ugly head and then one of the junior staff spoke. He was a test tube baby, a side product of the company design and thus he was not ignored. Company products are not ignored, they might go haywire and begin to blabber the company secrets. We will call this synthetic person “Wordy” for the lack of something better.

“I know the answer” he said. We will all celebrate Christmas at home with our families.

“But Wordy” said the owner of the company “who will do the work?”.

“No problem, Sir, we will pull the automatic switch.”

“Ahhhh” said the directors, the workers clapped and everyone saw visions of sitting around the Christmas tree, sipping alcoholic drinks and the happy faces of their children as they opened the newest developments in the cyber toy department: iPads, Xboxes, computers, building your own cyberworld. Some of the lucky people could even afford a two week skiing holiday in Cyber Valley, all paid for by the organisation, via the adverts.

Wordy was elected to press the automatic button as a reward for his great idea. Afterwards he was melted down in the recycling department to form part of a newer more advanced technical development. So is the fate of a robot with good ideas. They did not want him to tell everyone about it.

There was a certain dissatisfaction amongst the customers of this company as they were lost, did not know what was happening. Their daily goals of blog writing were sabotaged, but the workers and  directors continued as if nothing happened, because they were still earning money and the company was still thriving and they were convinced that nothing had happened. 

There might be a moral to this story, I have not yet found it. Read more tomorrow when I will tell you about the riots that developed when the workers discovered that there were no funds left in company to pay the wages. Perhaps I will tell you about a lonely valley, discovered by a future generation where an old  building was uncovered. They were exploring for signs of life and heard a “tick, tick, tick” beneath the earth’s surface. Yes, someone pressed the switch, but it was never turned off and blogs were appearing on an eternal grid, now at least one hundred years old. Even today there are millions of bloggers in the world waiting for a freshly created task for their creative blogging fingers. In the meanwhile ….

Just a figment of my imagination or was it?

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  1. I wonder what this fictional company was called. Letterpush, perhaps? :-))

    1. Yess, it is a second Multiply to me, I know so many people there.

    2. You mean to tell me Multiply is still in action Pat? Thought that ship went commercial and sunk when we all jumped ship.