Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Grinder

Grinding on Berufsschulhaus building site

Is he planning to break into a Swiss bank, grinding his way through the thick walls? He is disguised so that on-one will recognise him. I noticed the thick clouds of dust rising and I decided to take the photo of all photos. He had a knife. He was prepared, anything could happen. This is evidence. There was a sudden pause in the work. The grinding operation was stopped and silence reigned. 

“Hey Walter, is this enough?”

“Not yet, needs a few centimetres more. But time for a cigarette break Hans and a nice cup of coffee.”

“I’m with you Walter” and Hans the grinder,  arose and joined his fellow workers for a break on the building site.

He lit a cigarette and coughed a few times.

“Sounds like a bad cough you have there Hans.”

“No, not so bad, must have swallowed a few mouthfuls of dust despite the mask. Will be glad when this is done and done with Walter.”

“Yes, I can believe it. Two weeks break for the Christmas holidays and then you can start on flattening the floor.”

Hans coughed some more, said a few profanities and continued grinding, still muttering under his breath.

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  1. That must be what they mean by "the daily grind" LOL.