Thursday, 18 December 2014

An Old Photo from the Swiss Family Angloswiss

Fritz, Rudolf, Hans, Oscar Gerber 1

One of the Gerber dynasty published a book about our family Gerber, tracing their developments throughout the ages. The family originates in the  Emmental area of Switzerland and can be traced back to the 16th century, They were farmers, were butchers and involved in cheese production.  The photo shows my husband’s grandfather on the left together with his three brothers.  

This photo interested me as it shows the direct family of Mr. Swiss and was  taken on 1st August 1914, the evening before the soldiers were sent to protect the Swiss borders in world war I.

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  1. I'm always fascinated by really old photographs, particularly from before 1920. This one is in very good condition, it seems. The two on the left look like they could be twins, they are so alike.