Wednesday, 26 November 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Shaken and Stirred

What’s the most elaborate, complicated meal you’ve ever cooked? Was it a triumph for the ages, or a colossal fiasco? Give us the behind-the-scenes story (pictures are welcome, of course).

Liver and broccoli

Who needs elaborate and complicated: plain and simple does it as well. What better delight to the eyes that a slice of fresh liver, better two slices, ready for preparation. These specimens were bought fresh at the butchers. Liver should always be bought fresh, showing its true colour. In the olden days in Transylvania, it was the meal of the year. Yes, the vampires were gathered in the banqueting hall and liver was served. I am not sure if it was cooked or not, I will leave that to your imagination.

Of course liver is not for everyone, I am sure. Some are vegetarians, but are you really sure that a carrot or a leek does not scream when chopped into pieces? Is red the natural colour of a tomato or - who knows. Personally I like a piece of fresh liver, fried preferably with bacon to give it some umph. Umph is that special power push that food should give you, that special “wow” feeling. I would add that no animals were hurt in the making of this blog, that all happened somewhere else.

My dad had a good theory to help those of us that feel guilty when eating beef. He found there are so many cows walking around, they must be here for something. I find the logic is a little off key there, but he would not listen, and enjoyed his steak and chips regardless. There are many people walking around, almost an overpopulation in some places. I decided not to discuss the matter with dad, and let him enjoy his steak.

Tomorrow is thanksgiving day in the States. The day when turkey is eaten. Let us spare a thought for the turkeys arriving at the laid tables, to be eaten in celebration in thanks for the Pilgrim fathers who celebrated thanksgiving in 1621, at least that is what Wikipedia says. Did anyone ask the turkeys? Were they thanked for their contribution to this national holiday? Then don’t blame me for eating liver.  If I had shown a photo of a nicely dressed turkey ready to be placed in the oven and roasted, this would be appreciated. In my home country, England, a turkey is roasted at Christmas to celebrate the festival. The turkey murders are all done in the name of celebration and family togetherness. 

On the other hand when the pilgrim fathers arrived on the shores of their new country, they had to fight for their existence. They built houses, farmed the land and fought against ….. yes, the turkeys. It was not easy for the pilgrim fathers. Everywhere they trod the ground was soft from the recycling system of the turkey. Just imagine arriving in a new country and your welcoming party is a few thousand turkeys armed with their beaks and claws. They were everywhere and there was no escape from the constant gobbling noise. Something had to be done. The pilgrim father’s  existence was threatened, their families had nowhere to rest. A rocking chair was constructed from the wood of the forests.The hardworking settlers could at last relax in a comfortable place, but no, three or four turkeys had already taken possession of the chair.

The pilgrim fathers built a church to celebrate and give thanks for their achievement in arriving in the new land. What happened? Yes, the pews were occupied with turkeys and the mother turkeys were laying their eggs everywhere. Something had to be done and so it was. The Pilgrim Fathers were peaceful people, but their nerves were in tatters. Turkeys everywhere they turned, so in the sense of my dad’s logic, “let us face it there are enough turkeys gobbling around”,a national day was reserved for a turkey dinner. In the disguise of being thankful, the threatening population of the turkeys was reduced by a celebration meal. So in this sense, Americans everywhere celebrating your annual festival tomorrow, do not despair. There is a reason for everything and would you like the President of The United State of America to be a Turkey? I rest my case.

Oh, and my liver was perfect. Just a few minutes fried in butter with bacon, delicious. 

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