Thursday, 13 November 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done 6

Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached. (Feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).


Yesterday, some sort of complicated space machinery, costing thousands, no millions of dollars or whatever, the size of my fridge (see photo) according to details supplied in a newspaper, landed on a piece of rock circulating in the universe with a complicated name, sounding very much Russian. The machine was called Rosetta perhaps named after the scientist’s cat, who knows. This piece of rock is known as a comet and sort of goes along on it s merry way in space.

Admittedly I was not following the journey of our expensive piece of circulating machinery until yesterday when it landed. Apparently the comet was about the size of the town of London in England, including the suburbs and the satellite or whatever had been on a ten month journey to arrive. I can cross London in a couple of hours, according to how the traffic situation is. In space there might be a couple of lumps of space junk in the way, but it seems to me that taking a journey across London is cheaper and takes less time.

I did not read the reports of this large step for mankind called Rosetta in the newspaper. I also did not watch the television news. Generally in the evening I have a half hour Tai Chi practice which is more important, so I missed it all.

So now we have dropped a sample of human construction on this revolving lump of rock and what now? There are many possibilities. First of all I am sure there is room for a few flags on this stony surface and I am sure Rosetta has an automatic trolley which has now left the confines of the transport and is distributing them in the right places. I hope no countries were forgotten, otherwise problems could arise.

Perhaps there is life on this rocky place. We think it is just grey stone, but somewhere below the surface there might be a few live specimens of space biology.

“Hey Gronki, what was that thump up there. I was just settling down for a nice sleep.”

“Just a moment Plong, I will extend my telescopic eyes. I think we have visitors, or perhaps it is just another one of those pieces of space rubbish that now and again collide with our environment. I don’t think it is a big deal, about the size of a Ploggle refrigerator.”

“I do wish that people would leave our planet Plog alone. I told you I had a feeling that we were being followed for some time. Plong, give it a kick with one of your expandable feet and push it over the side. I am really fed up with being a garbage can for the lesser developed life specimens in this universe.”

“Quite right Gronki, they just take us for granted, as it we did not exist. On the other hand, let’s just lie low and they might go away.”

“Plong you are right. Although on second thoughts, it makes our little world look very shabby. Just a minute - whooooooossshhhh”

“Well done Gronki, you disintegrated that quite well. No trace left. You don’t think the specimens that sent it will be disappointed.?

“Not my problem, their junk, not mine. Let’s go back to sleep, but remove those funny signs on those poles, they are not so aesthetic. They are always depositing them on the surface of a planet when they land.”

“They might be important to those that sent the machine.”

“And? Transform them into part of the rocky surface. The foreign intruders can spend the next few years wondering where they went.”

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