Saturday, 1 November 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Pace Oddity

f you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?


Slow down actions? Just a minute I am now 68 years old and I have perhaps many years left, unless I put my foot on the gas pedal instead of the brake in the car, or happen to fall off a ladder whilst doing something housewify. I could, of course, have one of my astonishing accidents, although I try to avoid them. My left arm has been broken on the top and bottom half, so the right arm is still perfect. I have a couple of legs and a back and neck and this is now becoming morbid. Do I really want to speed things up, condensing the remaining years into a few instead of many? No, on the other hand, on a day to day basis, it would be useful to throw a few useless actions on the speed up pile.

The photo is of my climbing plants which has now given up in the colder weather, leaving a complicated mixture of twisted thin stalks and hanging brown leaves, the flowers having perished in the meanwhile. This morning I spent thirty minutes clearing them away, as well as cutting down my climbing rose. I was wondering whether to read a book, play with my Candy Crush game or just take it easy, but no. As I am a conscientious housewife and Mr. Swiss had deserted me for his rehearsal room in town, I was left to my own device. If the garden work could have been done in say five seconds, I would have had more time and no back ache.

Breakfast - no let’s leave it as it is. I savour my moments of measuring my blood sugar, making a fresh cup of tea and filling my bowl with cereal and milk, with a sprinkling of cranberries (good for the water works apparently). All is ready and so I take my place at the table, but something is missing. Yes, my computer has the first switch-on of the day, next to the bowl of cereal and cup of tea. Then the action begins and I see what my virtual colleagues have been up to throughout the European night, which is the American day. I really do not want to speed this up, I savour the first quiet moments of the day.

However, the next process could use perhaps some fast actions. My breakfast session occupies about 3/4 of an hour. The next part, total clean through of the apartment, vacuum cleaning, tiled floors with a damp mop also need forty-five minutes, and this includes the surface cleansing of the recycling process rooms (bathroom and shower). Yes, let us reduce this to five minutes with the same clean and shiny result of course. Ok, I am still in my night attire, red night dress showing Switzerland in white letters on the front and perhaps a dressing gown on the colder days, so it is time for a shower. As a risk would exist that by speeding up this process I might fall and injure myself, I think I will maintain the thirty minute cleansing process. Cleaning teeth could be speeded up. I have a special expensive Philips sonic tooth brush. It is so sonic, that my teeth sparkle if the light is switched on. This toothbrush is exactly timed, meaning that the whole process needs six minutes. With the same result I would agree to reducing this to a minute. 

Wow, this is fun. Now I might have to go shopping, with Mr. Swiss, of course. I enjoy my shopping sessions. I might meet people, I am let out and can socialise amongst the milk products and meat counter. The man serving the cheese is a special friend. Over the years I have taught him to appreciate english cheese. He was under the impression that the cheese world consisted only of Emmentaler and Greyerzer. I have taught him that there is also Cheddar.

I arrive home, but find that I am an hour earlier. What to do with this extra hour? Now the problem begins. I could sit with my uploaded Kindle book and read on my iPad. I could write my daily prompt, but this is programmed for the people over the pond. It only arrives (if at all - 0 responses?) after my golden oldie sleep and no, this golden oldie sleep will not be rushed. I have to recover from the morning exhaustion. Oh, I forget lunch. Perhaps the cooking time of a few dishes could be accelerated. Instead of deciding which quick dish to cook, I could choose something that takes longer. An end to the quickly fried meats and a beginning to a hearty stew, which would especially be appreciated in the Winter.

So I am now in my usual time loop after the golden oldie sleep and it is time for the daily prompt although not always. On Tuesday afternoon I depart for Tai Chi and that will not be accelerated. Tai Chi consists of slow movements, an internal collective concentrated collection of thoughts which would be destroyed if done in two minutes instead of one hour. I would suggest that on Tuesday the daily prompt prize suspicious entry would be created and uploaded in five minutes, instead of an hour, leaving time for a relaxing read before the evening meal. As Mr. Swiss usually creates the evening refreshment, we will not bother to reduce the time. It is my actions that are being reduced, not his.

I would leave the evening as it is, no speeding up or time reduction. You have probably noticed that I do not prolong my actions. I am using the time I have saved with the speedy Gonzales WordPress Daily Prompt system. Who are we to play with time, that is organised by something above our comprehension, generally known as fate. Have fun everyone and see you all tomorrow same time a usual, unless you have decided to reduce 50% of your day or prolong it by a few hours. We can always rely on our daily prompt arriving at the necessary time (if it works).

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  1. Lovely shot of the Morning Glories :-))

    I used to work in the cheese trade many years ago. I did like Gruyere cheese, but Emmentaler always seems like plastic with bubbles in it. My current favourite English cheese is something of an aquired taste....Ilchester cheddar flavoured with Marmite.

    On the subject of the prompt....what high-speed event would I like to see slowed down? Well, I am fascinated by those films made with ultra-high-speed cameras that slow down the flight of a bullet, for example, to slow-motion. But what I'd really like to see slowed down is a photon. Yes, the actual particles that make up light. Wouldn't that be fascinating?? Well, I think it would.