Saturday, 15 November 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Good Tidings

Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

Orange coffee

“Sorry we are few minutes late, but only awoke at half past two and had to rush.”

“We sleep in the afternoon?”

“Oh yes, regularly after dinner. It is the highlight of the day. We feel so refreshed and ready to go afterwards and above all falling asleep in the evening when looking at a good TV programme doesn’t happen, although we no longer watch so much TV.”

“What do we do when we don’t watch the television?”

“We read a book, meaning we actually read our Kindle, but it all comes to the same thing.”

“Kindle, no book.”

“A sort of electronic book, no bother with stuffing up your book case. It doesn’t smell of book and we can organise the size of the print and even colour. At our age we are sometimes glad for a soft grey instead of a harsh black and white, although we don’t have those problems yet.”

“You mean we read.”

“Of course, we always read, but now we are retired and can catch up on all those books we missed while we were busy doing something called work.”

“We were thinking when work is finished we would visit all those places we always wanted to see with Mr. Swiss.”

“Of course we were thinking, but let’s leave it at a thought. We tend to slow down with age, no rush, no stress. We can always look at the photos we took, remember New York?”

“How could we forget that? One of the best journeys we took and even had the pleasure of seeing the twin towers before they were blown up with a meal on the top floor.”

“Something else has been built in its place now, just one tower.”

“That was fast.”

“Everything is fast today.”

“We are not drinking our coffee.”

“That is something else we will get used to. We no longer drink coffee, just tea without sugar and milk.”

“Yuck, we don’t really like tea so much, but just plain does not sound very inviting. Why did we stop drinking coffee? We like a cup of coffee after lunch.”

“We know we did, but there are some things better omitted from the diet. We will find out why, but suffice it to be said that our digestive system will be happier without coffee.”

“Any other problems, we mean it is us that are sitting here and not a ghost somewhere or?”

“No problem, we are still amongst the living, although sometimes we wonder how. We managed to break our arm again, but we were already retired, so no big problem. Look, see our scar.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Of course, we knocked a lump of bone out of the top part of the arm, but it was all fitted together again, we have fifteen screws and a metal plate to prove it, plus an interesting scar - look”

“Wow, interesting the things we collect on our way through life?”

“Yes, of course.  We have a happy retirement, two years too early. That will bother us when it happens, when we realise that we are not longer wanted. Our company decides to continue our  job with someone younger, although they don’t tell us. They give us an early retirement, with all the trimmings. No financial worry if we are clever like we are. It just happens that two weeks after we leave the job someone else is sitting at our desk.”

“But not yet, we have a few things to deal with at work. Some customers in other countries are waiting for their orders to be delivered.”

“Stay cool, we will survive, although we sometimes ask how we managed.”

“And now we have to be getting along. Mr. Swiss is making an apple flan and we have a daily blog to write.”

“Mr. Swiss does what??? and we write a blog. Are we good at it?”

“We don’t really know, we suppose so, we have more than 3,000 followers on WordPress.”

“And Multiply?”

“No longer, it folded. but Facebook is still there.”

“We don’t think we did that ten years ago.”

“Of course not, we were not allowed to at work, the site was blocked, but that has all changed. Our company even belongs to Facebook for advertising purposes. Yes, our world has changed although we won’t notice it changing. It still exists, minus a few countries now with other names and a few new presidents. Enjoy it while we can, and remember, think before we drink that coffee.”

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  1. If I met my younger self, I would not tell him of the things I did in his future. The danger is he may decide he didn't like one or more of them and do something differently. Which would then change my present, and it may not necessarily be for the better....he may make a worse/bad decision. perhaps I would then no longer be here. But then that would create a paradox, because if I no longer existed in the present, how could I go back and tell my younger self in the first place!! But then Quantum many-worlds theory says that for every decisional point in history, a new universe is created and branches off from this one. So would I no longer exist in the original universe, or one of the near-infinite branching universes?? I love this fascinating, mind-bending stuff!! I wonder if Wordpress had anything this deep in mind when thye posted the prompt?? LOL.