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WordPress Daily Prompt: Seat Guru

You get to plan a dinner party for 4-8 of your favorite writers/artists/musicians/other notable figures, whether dead or alive. Who do you seat next to whom in order to inspire the most fun evening?

Christmas Day 2008

This was not a bad dinner party. As I was the photographer I am not in it, as usual. I almost have to get written permission to show a photo of Mr. Swiss and my two sons, but as they are not here at the moment I decided to go for it. Obviously these are not my favourite prominent people, but are my favourites all the same.

Now to the details and the bare facts: are there actually favourites that I would like to have at my dining table? I was thinking about that bloke guy that keeps turning up in a WordPress t-shirt with all sorts of fantastic ideas for my daily prompt. Ok, if he wants to come, I don’t mind, I am sure we would have some useful things to talk about, like the new grid, the pingback problem, and perhaps my Pulitzer Blog prize.

Charles Bukowski would be an interesting person. I would have to make sure that the bar was full, but I I am sure he would be the life and soul of the party. I read one of his books a couple of weeks ago “Ham on Rye” which was autobiographical, and decided that with such interesting childhood and school days, he would definitely keep us all entertained.

Just to keep it all nicely balanced we should have some politics mixed into the session. According to if he is busy with adopting a new country, I would invite Vladimir Putin to the table. Ok, I know he is not everyone’s favourite at the moment. We do not trust him, he has steel blue eyes, is a sly guy, but perhaps he feels misunderstood and lonely. Mr. Swiss does not like him and cannot understand what my strange fascination is for him. Neither do I to be quite honest, but I am sure he would get on with Charles Bukowski like a dacha house on fire. They could have a competition to see who drinks the other under the table first of all.

Let’s invite Mark Zuckerberg, he might be able to persuade Vladimir Putin to start a Facebook page. I would definitely make Vlad one of my friends. I would put Mark Zuckerberg next to the WordPress t-shirt man at the table. They could exchange ideas and soon we will be writing about “What Type of Blogger are you?”. We all know those silly questions that Mark is always asking us on his Facebook site. You have not seen that one? That is the only one I completed and it said (of course) “A Pulitzer prize suspicious winner”, how else could it be.

There is still room at the table, so I would invite my super blogging friend Marilyn Armstrong, although I hope she does not mind the other guests. We have decided we should meet up one day, but unfortunately a few thousand kilometres of water separates us and our days are slowly creeping into the phase where we are no longer spring lambs and hopping off to other countries without consulting our medical specialists first of all to make sure we would be able to take it all in our stride. I am sure we would have a lot to talk about, I just have the feeling that we would probably have too much to talk about and the super prominent people might come a little short with the conversation.

I was forgetting the music in case we run out of things to talk about, although that is very rare in my case. It would have to be something we would all appreciate, so I would invite Mr. Swiss and his group. They would be placed in the corner, playing some soft modern jazz, so as not to disturb the conversation.

I think the scene is set, although Count Dracular (Vlad Tepes), is sulking in a corner. I am not sure whether he is classified as being Dead or Alive. He says he is never invited to a social occasion, and an all-night party would be just his thing. He is not fussy about food, just a glass of deep red wine would do and perhaps a nice steak, done rare. He would have so many stories to tell about life in old Transylvania and is sure that somewhere along the line he must have met up with some of Vladimir Putin’s relations. Vlad smells so familiar, he found.

OK, now we have a full house. I will be taking photos and perhaps even a film just to keep the party in remembrance for the WordPress. It would be so nice if, as a special gesture, I could distribute WordPress t-shirts to the guests when they were departing as a token of appreciation.

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  1. The old theme of 'if you could invite anyone from history to your dinner party.....' thing has been around for quite a while. I've thought about it a few times, but can never make my mind up.....I end up with a list of about 50. I'd need a banqueting hall rather than a dinner party!!!