Thursday, 10 July 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Can't Stand Me

What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

At the time it seems fun. It was on a Site called Bestsellers and Literature where we all knew each other and there was a little game we were playing to introduce each other. It was the year 2007. I was already grey, but a little younger and more active, so I introduced myself. This video is still on YouTube, although not a record breaker, thank goodness. I now rarely visit this site, although still have contact with various members mainly through Facebook. They were really good old days where we read books, discussed what we were reading and the lady that organises the site was perfect.

Bestsellers and Literature

I find it my recording completely unbearable, but how else can I become famous. If a talent scout from Pulitzer or Nobel is watching, he will definitely decide that when he nominates me as a prize winning blogger, he will find that an introductory video of me will be perfect.

I do not like my voice, be it in German or English and I really understand when you prefer to see me rather than hear me, although both is something I do not need. It is not that I cannot stand me, I get on OK with me, now and again I have a few misunderstanding with my brain like forgetting where I put something.

We lost a pair of scissors this morning which Mr. Swiss needed most urgently. The last time we lost them he had put them in a bag whilst repairing something and put the bag in the cellar when the something was repaired. I did remind him of this whilst we were searching, but he was sure he would not make the same mistake twice. To reassure everyone he did not. I put them in the wrong drawer. I used them to cut string and put them away with the ball of string. They were found and the situation was saved.

I have another fantastic, spectacular, video of myself in the garden, cutting the pampas grass. My voice cannot be heard so well over the noise of the machine, but Mr. Swiss makes a few comments – in Swiss German. The few words I say are also in Swiss German, so it is no problem if you cannot hear them. This was six years ago, with my new look short hair.

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  1. It seems you don't have to worry about what you sound like, I cannot get any sound on either of your videos. I went to YouTube, found your page and tried from there....but still I hear nothing. It's not my computer, as I checked several random vids on YouTube and they all worked fine. Odd!!

  2. Try the wordpress, everyone heard them there