Sunday, 15 June 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Favourite Mistake

Is there a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing — or otherwise changed your life for the better? Tell us all about it.


We have a tribe of crows that live where I live, not exactly. I live in an apartment and they inhabit the trees. Now and again the chief crow says “let’s go for a flight” and all the other crows say “Yes, what fun” and they fly altogether in a formation over the area where I live.  The chief crow squawks “Everyone to the left” and they all fly to the left. Then he says “time for a break” which seems to mean fly two circles and land on the nearest tree branch. It is really a shame he does not say “Hey, she is standing in the garden with the camera, everyone hold it in the air over her head, smile and give her the chance for the Pulitzer prize photo”, so they just fly on.

This week the chief crow took pity on me. He said to one of his tribe, “land in a tree near the lady with the camera once and stay there until she has had a chance to take her prize winning photo” and that was how this photo came into existence. The chief crow is now a little annoyed with this member of the tribe. I distinctly hear him sqawk,  “I said once and not every evening” as it seems this crow decided he wanted to make sure his photo would appear at least on my blog, and now he regularly sits on the tree branch waiting for me to take a photo. I now have at least ten photos of this crow in my collection. The crow made a mistake by disobeying his chief, but he has now become famous and I have been able to practice with crow photos.

I have absolutely nothing to offer on this theme. I do not make mistakes, unless I make them on purpose. It is logical, if you do something and do it wrong, and do not like doing it, the chances are that you will not be asked again – female logic. Basically I am perfect, although Mr. Swiss is a better driver than I am, can speak better Swiss German and plays drums better than I can, although I can play piano better than he can. He also makes a very good apricot flan – her it is, there still some left (see yesterday’s daily prompt).

Apricot Flan by Mr. Swiss

At the moment Mr. Swiss is occupied with television. This evening Switzerland plays their first World Cup soccer game again Ecuador and he will be cheering them on to win. Let us hope they make no mistakes and only create blessings.

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  1. The apricot flan looks very good!! I would love to have tried a piece!!

    The Swiss football team did make a mistake at the start, but eventually corrected it. If you're going to score a winning goal, do it in the last seconds when the other team have no chance to get one back!!!

  2. I did not watch the match, left it to Mr. Swiss, but he gave me a report now and again as I was sitting outside on the porch. Of couse the end was a great final, a happy Mr. Swiss and a happy me. As you say what a great way to end a match, the others have no longer a chance.