Monday, 30 June 2014

The Sphynx

I was sitting in the garden, enjoying the nice weather, surrounding by two felines, one licking its fur and the other having a cat sleep, meaning really wide awake, but with eyes closed. Suddenly there was action. Both went to alert status, red alarm, and were sitting and staring. They were still both looking in the same direction, so I had a look as well. What did I see? That is a good question as I was not sure. I thought it was a statue, something like one of those Egyptian tomb ornaments. I had another look and it moved – a moving statue. My cats were still frozen, wondering what it was and then I realised what it was. One of our neighbours must have a new cat, but not just a cat, one of those big eared, dark eyed, furless cats, commonly known as Sphynx.

I was without my camera and knew that if I stood up the cat would be gone. The cat disappeared in any case, seeing two cats with fur was probably too much for it. I am still solving the problem what a hairless cat, belonging to a very expensive breed was doing roaming free in the area. It disappeared in the direction of another apartment block, so I came to the conclusion that it had a home somewhere. I was surprised that such a cat was taking a stroll, especially as it is not good for these cats to be exposed to the sun, they can get a serious sunburn, having no real fur, just fine hairs.

I called Mr. Swiss and he thought we were be attacked from some sort of extra terrestial monster, but I explain it was a Spynx cat. I added I always wanted one of them, but they are difficult to have, and you have to give them a bath at least once a week as they tend to smell after a while, not having enough fur to soak up the sweat, although they are covered by very fine hairs. Mr. Swiss found that would not come into the question. Having two “normal” cats is enough of a problem.

So now I have made you all curious to know what it was I saw, but you are lucky. The visitor appeared again a few days later and this time my camera was ready to shoot, although I had to use the close-up lens as I did not want to frighten it. Here it is, the best I could do as it disappeared afterwards.

Sphynx cat

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  1. They certainly aren't the most handsome of cat breeds. In fact Mr Swiss could be right......they may very well be of extraterrestial origin!!! LOL.