Tuesday, 6 May 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Pick Me Up

What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?

Nera - Did you say something

If my big black long furred feline Nera says “Pick Me Up” then do not believe her, do not touch her and ignore this wish. It will result in a visit to the doctor for a tetanus injection after she has bitten you, probably in the hand. She has the gift of being able to turn her neck at 180°, something like that girl in the film “Exorcist” and sinking four fangs into your hand. I know, I have been there and done that. Must renew my injection, it is almost five years since I had the last. So “Pick Me Up” is a trick, an invitation not to be heeded.

I will not mention the words “You have won the Pulitzer Prize”, or “The Winner is Mrs. Angloswiss for her perfect blogs” as these words have no real meaning for me, I am satisfied to know you all have to suffer my daily blogs in the Daily Prompt. You have my heartfelt sympathy and I really appreciate your patience. Of course, on the other hand, when I do eventually win my well-deserved prize, you can write about Mrs. Angloswiss and mention “We knew her when she took her first steps and realised that she was more than just a blogger.” What did you say Mrs. Swiss? I am overdoing it again.” OK, ignore the last few words, if you agree.

Now to my famous (last words?) YESSSSSSSSS. What could be more positive. You have won a million in the lotto, your blogs are award winning (sorry we have had that one already), your cooking is out of this world, you have exceptional facial features, you nose is unique and the answer is Yessssss. This cheers me up, knowing that this word is not just a word. It is a firm reaction to all my qualities. My nose is really unique, in size and volume. Of course it might be that I am confronted with one of my rivals (such is the reward of fame, jealousy is ever-present), armed with a gun and says “I will kill you”, then the word Yessss is perhaps not in place. For this reason I have a standby word “whatever”. This word says nothing, means nothing and is always useful if the situation gets out of hand. “I will kill you!” “Whatever” and the attacker is bewildered. He or She did not expect such an intelligent answer to this threat. He/She will still be thinking about it when I hit him with my blogging Oscar. Blogging Oscars are very heavy, not everyone has one. I do not have one, but one day, who knows Yesssssss.

What could be more conclusive than the word “Yesss”. Note the many “s” letters at the end. It is not sufficient to just say a normal yes, it will not be taken seriously. The “s” must be emphasized to impress. Of course, where I live, we speak German, but all know the word “Ja” which has the same meaning. Perhaps not so effective but a clear “Jaaaaaaa” can also be appropriate.
Otherwise I am a little late with my blog today. I was again spending an hour with my Tai Chi Class. Today we were seven golden oldies, all practicing the special exercise for osteoporosis – a sort of female golden oldie complaint. We were all fit and survived, although there were a few problems with balance and getting feet mixed up, but no-one collapsed (this time).

Mr. Swiss was having fun with the television today, so I left him to it. Our national television network decided on a new and fantastic improvement to the system: something to do with High Definition television. He had a new toy box to attach to the TV and programme the channels. No problem, with Mr. Swiss natural talent he soon had everything under control. As we have more than 100 channels in about as many languages, this could become complicated, but he mastered the task and did not utter one negative remark. I think this is about the second time that this new and improved system has been reorganised. I did not even realise that this was being planned.  Mr. Swiss to the rescue – yessssssss. I just wonder how golden oldies on their own would understand the details of modern day TV. Just an on-switch and off-switch is not sufficient, it has to be programmed.

And tomorrow we will meet again to conquer the daily prompt world of blog – Yesssssssss.

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  1. Yesssssss....some of our word/phases are similar. "Your ticket is the £1million winning Lotto ticket" is probably a common one!! One that I always like to hear.....or rather read on the computer screen, is: "Your flight to New Jersey, USA has been booked and confirmed".