Monday, 26 May 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: A Name for Yourself

Some writers’ names have becomes adjectives: Kafkaesque, marxist, Orwellian, sadistic. If your name (or nickname, or blog name) were to become an adjective, what would it mean?

African daisies

I am famous, I am known in the world of blog, they want my name to appear describing my great works of blog. This is so exciting, I must take a copyright out on this unique adjective, although I do not know if Kafka die this with his. I think he was already dead, so perhaps I have to die first before it is applied to my works of literature.

Yes the angloswisslogical works will be known worldwide. They drip with logic, the beads of perspiration from my brow giving sustenance to their abundance. How else could it be? Although some may say I am not being logical, more bragging, but they are the unfortunate, those who begrudge every angloswisslogical word that I use almost bordering on that ugly word “jealousy”.

I cannot remember the origin of the gifted talent I have. It just came to me one day whilst I was sitting at my computer dreaming of my fight to fame, casting my talents to the daily prompt and knowing that only the angloswisslogical style would produce the necessary results. Many were the skeletons strewn in my path which I kicked aside, overcoming these obstacles and spreading the bones of decay on one side.

Perhaps my terminology is too advanced for many. We are not all gifted with such writing talents as I am. Unfortunately the Pulitzer/Nobel people have not yet discovered me, but it can only get better. Perhaps the word ”angloswisslogical” overwhelms the realm of literature with its impact. I know, brothers and sisters of WordPress, it is difficult to become famous alongside such great capacities as myself, but do not despair. I will send you all, free of charge, a copy of my first best seller when it is written.

It makes me sad that perhaps my adjectival title will only be used when I am no longer with you, but I will be watching from another place on a higher level. There will be introductions in my novels explaining the angloswisslogical words and themes applied to the story. They will be celebrated and loved by all that read my works. I can hear them now “Did you read the angloswisslogical last words in the drama written by this genius? They are a veritable milestone in the progress of literature.”

I can see my memorial before my eyes.

“Here lays Angloswiss, inventor in the angloswisslogical sense of the word. Her works were given to mankind. 
They are left to be judged and celebrated by all.

www angloswiss-chronicles com

May she rest in the world of Angloswisslogic"

or something like that. I want it in gold lettering on a black marble stone for all to see. Perhaps a statue where I am holding my first successful book on the summit of the pyramid. Did I forget to tell you, I decided on a pyramid, makes a better impression.

In the meanwhile I am still amongst you, distributing my angloswisslogical words and wisdom, daily.

Viva angloswisslogical; I rest my case.

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  1. Sounds Angloswisslogical to me :-))

  2. Nearly forgot to say.....lovely photo of the Osteospermums :-))

    1. Thanks Mitch, that was the name I was searching for. I knew it began with Ost but forgot how it went further. They were selling them in the garden department at the local supermarket and after having my garden redone I was looking for something to fill in the empty places. They are really thankful flowers, close up in the evening and flower again the next day.
      Garden Redone