Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Garden Redesigned

The old front garden

This was the front garden. Not exactly an english lawn, more moss than anything else. We had a wonderful collection of daisies and weeds and clover, just perfect for a herd of cows, but we were people with a herd of cats. Now and again a toad would hop around, feeling comfortable in the damp undergrowth. We live in an apartment on the ground floor, so have a garden at the front and back with porch instead of a balcony. This suits us, but as the years go by the Mr. Swiss and Mrs. Angloswiss are not as fit as they were and we decided to have a designer garden: no exactly but something without lawn, toads and weeds.

Yesterday the gardener arrived with his team and the work begun. I had a buddlea in a large pot and decided that would be the center piece of our new work of art. The removal of the grass was done in an hour. As most of it was moss, it was just a matter of scraping it away. Stones were laid to mark the borders and we had something like this when the workers took their lunch break.

Work in progress

The prize suspicious buddleia was already planted and was beginning to settle its roots in the new place. In the afternoon it received a dose of fresh water to ensure that it did not die with symptoms of shock. Our merry gardeners did a good job, and when they were finished they trimmed the hedges. They began at 7.30 in the morning and by 5.00 in the evening they were finished. We were happy and satisfied. Here is the final result – no more lawn, no toads and three happy felines and a happy Mr. Swiss and Mrs. Angloswiss.

The new garden

And of course Tabby showing her appreciation of the work.

Tabby with the new garden look


  1. Pat....this is absolutely lovely!!! Don't be surprised if the toads still visit, the weeds and blades of grass spring up rejoicing in the new lanscape!!

  2. Looks great. Are you sure the cats are happy with the reduced piece of earth to scratch around in.