Monday, 28 April 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: I Can' Stay Mad At You

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

The Migros cat

We have a guard cat at the local supermarket. She (must be a she, she is resolute and always ready for action) ensures that no suspicious people enter the store and is always there. She keeps a watchful eye on the restaurant to ensure a comfortable seat near the customers, holds no grudges, and always forgives and forgets, is just persistently waiting for her reward of crumbs or perhaps a bite of a ham sandwich. No flies on her and she cannot afford to hold grudges, otherwise the food supply might stop. No-one feeds an ungrateful feline.

I do not do mad, have no time. If it might happen that I am annoyed for some strange reason, then I do not express my feelings. I remain quiet and say nothing: just ignore the reasons for being mad. I am not an elephant, so after a few minutes I have already forgotten why I was annoyed. In this case I do not have to forgive, because I cannot remember why it all happened in the first place.

Nobody is perfect; even I might possibly have a few faults due to a misunderstanding or my words being falsely interpreted, although this is few and far between. I am convinced that I am always right and give no cause for people to be annoyed with me.

Of course there is the case of the lady living opposite with her immaculate snake pit similar garden, composed of various hollow bricks filled with various herbs. I also have a herb garden, all good perfect cooks have a herb garden. Unfortunately it might be that my felines mistake the neighbour’s garden for the place for their recycling process, although they are perfect well-educated felines. They find the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence unfortunately.

One fine day my wonderful, perfect neighbour planted her garden anew, it was Spring. No problem, it looked good and my felines found it perfect for the recycling process. Unfortunately the neighbour in question was a little annoyed. She was patient, installed a cat warning system, sending high-pitched tones into the neighbourhood. She put up a police similar barrier of wide yellow tape (felines are colour blind) and all this went unnoticed. My felines did not report back to me to tell me of this infringement on their territorial rights, but they are just felines and ignored it. One day there was a card in my personal letter box. It was a neutral white card with words written on it in plain felt pen (blue). I was informed that my cats were digging in places they should not dig. The new herb garden was in danger. I told my cats to avoid digging in places that might cause problems. They ignored me, although my big black long furred monster feline, Nera, did inform that the word “problem” does not exist in meow.

I decided to ignore this card in my letter box, although it was signed with the neighbour’s name. I noticed afterwards that the tones coming from the anti-cat siren system were louder than usual.  This all happened a few weeks ago, the herb garden is now growing, the rosemary is flowering and also some undefined plants with yellow flowers have appeared. I was going to suggest to the neighbour planting cannabis to calm the nerves, but decided against it. Mr. Swiss finds not everyone understands my twisted sense of humour, even he does not understand it now and again.

So everything calmed down. The neighbour is still not talking to me, but we never did have lively intelligent discussions about God and the World, or the price of vegetables in the super market, so who cares. At the moment Spring has sprung and the trees between her territory and mine have flowered and are spreading their branches, so we will not see each other until autumn and my felines have more interesting pastimes than to dig around in her snake pit.

They are making a survey of the increase in mouse population, and left me a message to plant some cat mint in my garden. I told them this does not work, although I do not grudge my cats their cat mint ration, I do grudge supplying the feline population in the area with cat mint and it will not work. My last attempts to establish a bed of cat mint failed miserably. After two days it was trampled flat into the earth, caused by rolling cats getting high on the stuff.

Another blog comes to and end and I can remove the notice on my door, “Silence: Beware Blogging in Progress” as it could be that I get mad and ignore everyone if I am disturbed. 

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  1. Holding grudges is a waste of energy that could be used for something more important. Life's too short.

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