Tuesday, 4 March 2014

WordPress Michelle's Weekly Pet Challenge: Music Hour

Tabby and Nera

“Tabby what shall we play?”

“Err, I was thinking something soothing and slow. What about from that people musical called “Cats””?

“No, Tabby, there are too many high notes and it is not very realistic. Cats do not sing about memories, or do you have one?”

“Not really Nera, although I remember the tuna fish dish we had yesterday. That was very tasty. Let’s play “Ode to a plate of tuna fish”.

“Are you kidding Tabby, we eat the stuff too quickly to write a song about it. I know, I will run my paws over the high notes, and you can stamp around on the low notes.”

“But not too loud Nera, nice and soft and soothing. I hate loud noises.”

“OK Tabby I will begin. Shall I use the black notes or the white?”

“Is there a difference?”

“I don’t know, but there probably is. Mrs. Human always reads something called music notes when she plays.”

“But she plays on the big piano, not the keyboard. Nera there is no sound. I just took a walk over the keyboard and I couldn’t hear anything.”

“Tabby I think that is because it is one of those human gadgets with an on and off switch. Just a minute I have found it, but not very paw friendly.”

“Err Nera that might be because it is not a feline music instrument.”

“You know what Tabby, I have a better idea. I will miaow in the high notes and you can purr in the low notes. Who needs a piano?”

“Yes Nera, you are right. Perhaps we will become famous and make it in the Feline Hit Parade, who knows?”

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  1. Some song suggestions for the felines; 'Cool For cats' by Squeeze or 'The Cat Crept In' by Mud :-))

    1. What about 3 Cool Cats (I remember that one from my younger teenage days - sung by the Coasters)