Friday, 14 March 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Brilliant Disguise

Tell us about a time when someone had you completely fooled, where the wool was pulled right over your eyes and you got hoodwinked, but good. Was it a humorous experience or one you’d rather forget? What was the outcome?

Sky over Felbrunnen

I really do not know what to say, I am (exceptionally) at a loss for words. That one of my dear friends nominated me for this well-deserved award. This was such a surprise. I really did not expect this. Of course I had invested hours of gifted writing talent over the past year, relentlessly fighting against feelings of sleep and hunger, knowing that my perseverance would be rewarded. You mean that someone is fooling me, playing a trick, that this award does not exist? Oh, people can be so mean (and jealous), but this award now exists on my famous, well-known, spectacular never-to-be-forgotten blogging site. It leaves its mark in the international blogging world. If you wish to be present when I receive this award of recognition (known as The Blogger) I will inform as soon as I know where it will take place. I believe somewhere in Silicon Valley, but am not sure.

In the meanwhile I will entertain you with a few hoax reports I have spotted lately in this cyber world. Did you know there was a spider as large as a house wall somewhere in a small town in the States. The inhabitants now lock themselves in their houses, frightened to take a step outside. It is true, I saw it. Where? On Facebook of course, Some say it is a fluke of nature, other say a fluke of Photoshop.

I saw a report yesterday in connection with the plane that has been reported missing on its way from Malaysia to China. Now Mrs. Angloswiss is not going to join in the competition to guess where it is. I find it distasteful with respect to the people still waiting for news of what has happened. It even seems that telephones are/were ringing belonging to the missing people. Seas have been searched and everyone seems to be at a loss for an answer. Someone in the false world of Facebook had a report on their site/wall that proof has now been found that this missing plane with the over 200 passengers is in the Bermuda Triangle. You are invited to click for more.

I would advise against clicking on anything in Facebook with such strange reports. I did once, just out of curiosity. I cannot remember what it was: some sort of strange video beginning with the title “Oh my god” and continuing with “You must have a look”. My advice do not have a look, you will disappear into a web spun to trap you, the only way out is to press a yes and then it happens. The video spreads it tentacles to your site and all your friends receive in your name. Not too bad, I did not get a virus, and my computer survived. I am glad to say most of my colleagues in Facebook took pity and remarked that it was not something they expected from me and I was definitely spammed.

Otherwise I do not remember being tricked by anyone at any time. I have such a dry, ironic, strange humour that probably people just do not bother. I remember when I was working we had one of those Christmas meals in a restaurant with the boss. He was one of those people that loved I, me and myself and had the feeling that he was God’s gift to woman. We brought small candles with us that you can light, but never extinguish. They just light up again. We gave them to the waitress and told her to put one in his ice cream, which she did. The first thing he did before digging his spoon into the coup vodka (or something like that) was to blow the candle out, which ignited itself again and again and again. After five minutes of blowing candles out, he almost believed it was possessed. He might have been god’s gift to womankind, but he was always a bit slow on the uptake. Oh we had fun on that evening.

So now to have a look in my calendar to see if I am free on the 31st September: it seems that this is the day when my Lifetime Blogging Award will be presented. It would of course be appreciated if you could perhaps organise a few banners to show “Up with Mrs. Angloswiss”, “Mrs. Angloswiss forever” and “We knew she could do it”. Badges will be distributed at the entrance with my WordPress web address to ensure a regular public for my daily Blogging efforts.

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  1. I don't recall ever being on the end of a prank or scam, humorous or malicious. Guess I've been lucky!!